Largest Plate of Thanksgiving Food Ever


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Thanksgiving is here!! Time to bring out the turkey.
And the Potatoes..
And the Gravy..
And the Stuffing..
And the Cranberry Sauce..
And the Pumpkin Pie..
And the Green Be.. Nah


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50 thoughts on “Largest Plate of Thanksgiving Food Ever”

  1. How is matt stonie not fat? He burns off all the calories from carrying the plate of food from the platter to the table

  2. See I was expecting a soul food thanksgiving lmao. Where are the collards, the ham, the potato salad, the Mac and cheese???

  3. matt literally eats a whole feast by himself, don’t invite him to your house because you’re gonna need to make two turkeys 😂

  4. With all these food vids he is doing he making me feel poor…I choose not to eat and stay on my phone all day..btw im not poor..but I now consider myself as sophia-the girl who doesn't eat good food

  5. How you eat all of that in that time if it were me I would still be on the mash potatoes and the time will be 25 minutes

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