Deadlift Heavier On Elephant Bar? Thor, Larry Wheels, Jujimufu, BTC

dead lift

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Thor Bjornsson is preparing for the arnold classic 2019 with elephant bar deadlifts, will he break the deadlift world record?

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46 thoughts on “Deadlift Heavier On Elephant Bar? Thor, Larry Wheels, Jujimufu, BTC”

  1. These vids are great, but the guy with long hair is so God damn annoying!!! Throw his fucking ass out the gym.

  2. Awesome music and heavy weights. 2nd day watching these vids. Inspiring to ad more weight training to my routines. Thanks guys. Love you vids. Looks fun as hell working out with y'all. P.s. I clicked on here because jujimufu looked Like the guy kicking shitloads of plastic pelicans in a vid I seen last year or so. Hahaha. And sure enough. Haha. Thanks insane people.

  3. For someone who missed a lot of school growing up, had an unstable family life, and ultimately dropped out of high school (though he later earned his GED), Larry is such an articulate, knowledgeable, well-informed, & level-headed guy. Even if he couldn’t lift a fly, this an individual who was born to be very successful at SOMETHING.

  4. I'm fat and i don't even want to do crossfit or something like this but i'm addicted to these videos. Hi how is your day

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