GoPro: Chasing AdVANture with Chris Benchetler in 4K


Chris Benchetler has influenced so many with his fluid style as a skier. Pack your bags for an epic journey around the west coast as Chris visits the many friends that he draws inspiration from. . . Surfers, Climbers, Artists, Skiers, and Snowboarders all provide sparks to the creative fire that is Chris’ path, both as an athlete and an artist.

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A very special thank you to all the talents featured in this film:

Austin Smith
Chris Benchetler
Curtis Ciszek
Dane Gudauskas
Emily Harrington
Eric Pollard
Iikka Backstrom
John Jackson
Kimmy Fasani
Matt Cook
Nick McNutt
Noah Cohen
Pete Devries
Rob Machado
Sage Cattabriga-Alosa
Scott Smith
Sean Pettit
Shannon Brown
Skye Walker
Torstein Horgmo
Travis Rice

Shot 100% on GoPro –

Mounts used in this video –

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Magic Sword
“Legend of the Keeper”


“Two Tombstones”
“Jumper Cables”

William Ryan Fritch

Jon and Roy
“Cuban Bee”

“Go Anywhere”

New Candys
“Thrill or Trip”

“New Sun”
“Soundless Sea”

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50 thoughts on “GoPro: Chasing AdVANture with Chris Benchetler in 4K”

  1. Legit one of the most well edited and relaxing ski videos out there. But man, what’s the recipe for them pancakes?!

  2. How do these guys get the mountains to themselves with all that powder? Surprised it isn't packed with people

  3. So much snow, ask the lefties why we are getting record breaking snow falls across the globe, global warming? what a load of shit

  4. I have always wondered what those expensive mountain skis feel like if they are the absolute perfect size i have these old cheap skis but they are okay 👌

  5. Watching in 2019 and WOW. I loved that video. The scenery made me appreciate earth even more. Can’t wait to ski this coming winter

  6. Does anybody know the outfit that Eric Pollard at 10:14 is wearing? Or the brand? I'd like to get something like this for next season. Thanks

  7. When I watch these back-country skiing films i just have one question:

    What am I doing with my life.

    read my name

  8. I've been skiing for nearly 15 years but have never had the opportunity to ski on real snow before. Watching videos like these make me unbelievably jealous.

  9. I think it's the fourth time that I see this video. Wonderful

    I live in Berlin and I just can ski once ore twice a year. I'm just crying everytime when I see this video in summertime.🙃

  10. Brilliant movie. Loved the adventure, editing, music, the quality of joinery on that van was impeccable. And of course Rob Machado!😍

  11. so jelloeuss 11-16 feet of telcom PowPow. Down in newzealand we had abut 15cms of pow. Gangsta face shots in that beautiful deep snow

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