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Testing out another jailhouse recipe from the cookbook Prison Ramen: Parole Day Cheesecake on this episode of You Made What?! on Emmymade in Japan. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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Prison Ramen: Recipes and Stories From Behind Bars by Clifton Collins Jr. & Gustavo “Goose” Alvarez

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36 thoughts on “Cheesecake: Prison Food Recipe | You Made What?!”

  1. that's not how I made cheese cake in prison I made mine with a 16 oz can of Coffee Mate coffee creamer 4 with a 2.5oz ReaLemon
    juice a 4 pack of the snake pack vanilla pudding and 1/8 cup of sugar mix well we also had graham crackers in the commissary so we just crushed them down and mixed that with some butter or margarine usually got about 3 bowls full out of them for me and my homies that supplied some of the ingredients you should try it out very tasty @emmymadeinjapan

  2. I've never I have never been incarcerated but I made lemon
    Pepper chicken using a packet of lemon flavored unsweetened Kool-Aid it was awesome I served it to my guests and they all loved it I never told them how I made it

  3. For all of you saying she should have done this or that, she didn’t make up this recipe!! Didn’t you see she had a cookbook??? Damn, everyone has to be a know it all.

  4. Dang people in that jailhouse be having a breeze take me to jail free food TV and no bills or rent yeah

  5. It doesn’t feel different to how my mum made cheesecake as a kid. Packet of digestive buiscuits smushed up with a little bit of melted butter, cream cheese and a little bit of flavouring

  6. Lol I wouldn't have added the koolaid. I wonder if they have strawberry pop tarts. I would have mixed that in the crust. Yum

  7. This the thumbnail does not look like cheesecake I gave 6 yrs of my life this looks like my bomb ass meatloaf let's see how this goes

  8. We had oreo cookies crush the cookies it make a brownie batter with milk and you take the cream stuff out of it mix it with milk some peanut butter and swiss roll cakes and roll the brownie batter around it. That shit is bomb

  9. You should try Kool-aid pie! It's 4 ingredients and I have now made SOO MANY versions of it. My friend told me about it and it's so good!
    1. Premade graham cracker crust or chocolate depending on the Kool-Aid flavor you pick.
    2. Whipped cream in a tub
    3. Sweetened condensed milk
    4. Kool-aid
    Mix it together and let it set up to 2 hours and your done. Sit back and enjoy! (Also I like to sprinkle nuts on top.)

  10. why would they have access to choc chip cookies and not graham crackers? pretty sure "prison recipes" are just bullshit invented by people that have never been to prison trying to profit off novelty

  11. Yikes! I've never seen a cheesecake that color. I imagine it's tasty; ambrosial if you're in prison (I read Orange is the New Black).

  12. Celebration cake must be chocolate in my book. My upcoming birthday celebration will include a Mississippi mud cake, made by my fair hand,since my partner does not cook.

  13. Wow this is definitely an upscale version of prison cheesecake than some of the other recipes I have seen done. One lady used coffee creamer and Sprite with Kool aid mixed in over nilla wafers as crust haha. Sounded awful.

  14. I enjoy your channel but don’t use books (or video names) that take advantage, are click bait and/or make light of a massive joke of the seriousness of prison and its effects on people and their families.
    It’s incredibly disrespectful and disappointing to come from you… 🙁

  15. That actually looks good. It's kind of beautiful that someone would be so inventive to offer celebration for a friend leaving prison.

  16. 💕 I really liked this one as well ! I'm trying to watch all of the prison recipes now. lol
    Thanks again, Emmy ! 👍😘
    YAAASSS !!! ♥️♥️♥️

  17. Oh wow they have all this in commissary?but I feel like they should’ve used a little water for the crust 🤔

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