Learning About Fabrics 2: How to Design with Leather

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33 thoughts on “Learning About Fabrics 2: How to Design with Leather”

  1. Good morning! Actually, it's midnight in Japan right now. I'll be here until late April, but I'll still be posting. Hit me with your questions! I'll be online for an hour after the video, as usual for my Sunday videos.

  2. i love ur videos. ive learned from u already im studying fashion design.

    hope ur doing better from that illness in your eyes,. 🙂

    could you talk about constructing a moodboard and dos and donts in it? i have this project, i have to construct a moodboard, and its for an internacional content, and im so afraid of not being selected that im completly frozen about starting. its due in 3 days, i havent started. i havent even thought abt it yet. of course im not asking u to do the video in that time lol, but if u decide to talk abt moods maybe u could also adress this fear if u somehow can relate or like uve seen students go through this. thank you. <3

  3. Ugh that Camel colored Nappa Lamb is screaming thigh high boots. 😍 Thanks for the tutorials and guides!

  4. I've never had any intention of working with real leathers, but now, after watching this vid, if I ever decide to experiment in that area, I feel like I at least have a basic understanding of what to expect. Something I really love about your videos is how informative they are, and this one was absolutely no different 😉 🐄

  5. Zoe I am Irfan Zahid Peter, people call me gogh because of my thesis topic, it was about Vincent Van Gogh. I was trained as a textile designer from Pakistan (National College Of Arts.Lahore). I really was as a student but wanted to perform as puppeteer and also wanted to paint and explore and I ended up teaching IB visual arts (and I hated it) did puppetry for Sesame Street, did set design, theatre, direction and all to ruine my time, but it taught me alot about alot. God gave me another chance and like I dreamed in this whole time to become fashion designer by studying fashion( which never happened) But now I have got a job as Fashion designer and Thanks to you I learned alot from your videos. God Bless you, I love the way you talk and explain honestly. Thumbs up.Keep up the good work Ma'am.

  6. Is there a difference in using fake leather vs real leather? Is fake leather easier to sew and cut? When would you use one over the other? Btw this video is helpful . I've never thought leather would be hard to work with. Thank you! 😊

  7. In your drawing female fashion figures part 4 video, you mentioned a drawing hands tutorial. Where is it on the queue?

  8. hiii zoee thanks for the such an interesting course now i know about leather as i know in my country we use fake ones mostly loool

  9. Very informative video! It made me think of American Pastoral (great novel btw). It's funny how much I actually learned about leather by reading it…Philip Roth must have done a lot of research on that topic because he just goes on and on about it in the novel….It just got stuck in my head. 🙂

  10. As a fellow YouTuber and Accessories Designer I'm always searching for more knowledge and information on this subject. Thank you for posting.

  11. Thank you for an amazing video once again, Zoe! I watched it a couple of days ago but now I just saw a small piece of leather on my table and thought that maybe a good excercise for those wanting to design in leather could be just buying a bag of leather leftovers and then using them, to create something. I think that could be a difficult task, however, I think it could really help to train the brain to think a lot about the style lines!

  12. Hey Zoe! Loved the video!! Kinda makes me wanna just go to a store for no reason other than to feel the leather lol…Just one question though: In the swatches, the weight (2-3 oz and stuff) is the weight of how much of the leather? Is it like 2-3 oz for a square foot of the leather or….?

  13. So I'm curious about this because I thought you weren't supposed to get leather wet. When you say you washed the skins did you just throw them in the machine like a regular pair of jeans?

  14. Today you are officially my local hero. I have worked with leather in the past. Any information or instruction I have received has been trial and error. An extremely expensive way to learn. The other way is trough tandy leather and I love them but they don't know anything about garment construction. This is very helpful. This is all new information. They defiantly don't cover this in fashion school. That's why I love you.

  15. thx for video, new to leather and was wondering if you have a video or resource for construction. i mainly work with smaller pieces because of $$$ and to practice but im not always sure how to tell grain. was wondering how you do that. fabrics i can pull threads, leather not so much. thx

  16. Can you please make a video on construction of fabrics like Leather, Velvets, Fur…etc (any fabric that is more of a challenge to work with)? Thank you. Love your vids!

  17. So as educational as this vid is…I have to realistically know…I live in the Caribbean. Leather would make all of us melt. You can't even find leather to wear! Good vid tho! On to the next video!

  18. "This is not going deep down video" 40 mins video posted haha you're video is always thorough and detailed, keep up the good work, Zoe, thanks for sharing ur knowledge with us all

  19. Zoe and fellow party people… Zoe always talks about the future of fashion being in textiles. Have you heard of Modern Medow??? Well now we're going to have a new category in fabric with "Bioleather" made out of collagen 🤯 check them out!!!

  20. I learn so much more from you than at college. I always loved leather garments and my goal is designing with leather. Thank you for another amazing video!

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