Canon EOS 70D vs Nikon D7100


We compare the new Canon 70D ( with Nikon’s mid-level DSLR – the D7100 ( – to see which one is best for you. The Canon comes with some new tech under that polycarbonate shell: dual pixel CMOS tech and some old trusted tech in the form of the 7D focusing system. But is it better than the Nikon?

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Canon EOS 70D:
Nikon D7100:

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47 thoughts on “Canon EOS 70D vs Nikon D7100”

  1. hola bro espero hables español, cual es mejor en cuanto a fotografía y prestaciones la canon 70d o la Nikon d5500 gracias por tu respuesta.

  2. i really wish i could let go of that perky little swivelly screen canon has…. I'm hooked to it and can't shoot any other way now

  3. sir i will purchase after 2 days DSLR Camera for Youtube Video
    Recording,,, I am Very Confuse between Nikon d5600 or Canon T6i, which
    camera perform Best Continue Auto focus and Sharp , Clear Video quality,
    Sharp Image Quality Please sir tell me which camera i can purchase

  4. When you put the nikon in 1.3 crop mode, you're giving it more advantage. That way the auto focus points cover pretty much the whole frame making it hard to miss the subject.

  5. guys pls help me witch one to buy nikon d7200 or cannon 70d??? please give me some ideas my goal is to take crazy photos arround the world, please let me know some ideas witch is best for me

  6. Im using canon 70D. I
    Had a problem. I think you guys can help me

    Why don't my pictures sharp?

    And also mega bites mb its very low

    What can I do for sharp?

    Please help me

  7. Im here for that sexy hips and slim legs. No body cares with those bulky nikon or canon anymore.
    A phone can record 1080p 240fps easily or 4k 60fps. Hell even a 100dollars action cam also record in 4k 30fps.

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