How To Make Orange Chicken-Recipe-Asian Food Recipes Restaurant Style

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Orange Chicken Recipe available @ How To Make Orange Chicken-Chinese Lemon Chicken Chinese Food Recipes Restaurant Style.


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  1. great video, but you definitely need to get a microplane girl! I used to have a wornout and/or mediocre zester like that and it drove me crazy how much force and time I had to use to zest citrus fruits. First time I used a microplane zester (only like 8-11$ on amazon), I barely had to touch the orange to it and my work was done.

  2. you are AMAZING, SUPERB, thank you for all the work that you do, it brings us sublime food gifts for our Mouths, Bellies, Hearts and Souls!

  3. I like how you don't speak while cooking and just let the text speak for you. People speaking in while cooking in videos is distracting for me.

  4. I see your recipe calls for seasoned rice vinegar but in your video, it was left out. Is the rice vinegar necessary? Thanks!

  5. I made this and it's actually really good. I recommend just a little less sesame oil then she says because it's kinda strong also I did 2 tbsp of sugar instead of 2.5 and it was still really good

  6. Looks great on camera.  However, I noticed that the sparsely written instructions and measurements are very different that what you show.  Making this now and hope it turns out well.  Oh, and where are the green onions in your written recipe?   Also, you mention using corn oil in written instructions, but use olive oil on camera.  You can do better if you wanted to.

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