Programming Multiple Brands of HTs with CHIRP — Clone a Baofeng (Pofung) to Wouxun or other – AF5DN

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Programming Multiple Brand or HTs with CHIRP — Clone a Baofeng to Wouxun or other – AF5DN


28 thoughts on “Programming Multiple Brands of HTs with CHIRP — Clone a Baofeng (Pofung) to Wouxun or other – AF5DN”

  1. where did you get you attenna for boafeng
    i gotta say i have watched a lot of your videos  you have made and a buch of others but yours are the best i can relate like the way you walk us through it i just have one ?for you is chirp mainly for diffent brand radios because i bought two of same boafeng uv 5 r plus wich i just use for my wife and i when we camp and hike.

  2. Thanks I was about to program a Baofeng for a friend and I have a Wouxen so this will make it a lot easier.

  3. I have a Baofeng BF-888s and i got the message in chirp that the radio refuses to go into programming mode ! What remedy do i have to get it programmed with chirp ?

  4. Thank you for this video. I spent hours combing the internet and trying to figure this out. Your video made it extremely easy! Keep up the good work!

  5. brother I thank you, i got one of my baofengs up and programmed finally thanks to you, but when I try to export the file, as soon as I click export it does absolutely nothing, I have watched you do it, and did it step by step with you but the stupid thing will not export, I don't know any other way to do it, that is why i bought the dumb cord anyway…LOL, I guess i'm back to manual…LOL

  6. Hello, can someone give me help, I can not program the other frequencies, or get communication with the PC, but we are constantly reporting the error as if it does not, I have another BF 888s and it without problems can be programmed, but this will not at all, so I think that as for the USB cable that is correct and settings in programiranju.Pa am now interested in why exercises others can not be programmed.

  7. Thanks for the video, I love the detailed Information and step be step instruction. I do have a baofeng uv-5r and also a TYT DM-UVF10

  8. I just tried using the the chirp program and i just recieved an Error from both the tyt dm-uvf10 and the Baofeng uv-5rtp,
    so i guessing the radios will not program.
    The error is will not download

  9. Do yourself a huge favor when you do this be very careful of what you are doing. DO NOT try to upload the settings from one radio to the software and then switch radios and download those settings from the software to a different radio. I did this and learned the hard way that even though I had two "identical" radios the firmware on the radios was not the same. The second radio got corrupted and it took DAYS to correct the problem. Before you start programming a new radio download a copy of the factory default settings for that particular radio, name it something you will remember and save it someplace where you can find it later. That way if you screw up the radio you can always just dump that default back into the radio and put it back to factory specs. If I had done that I would have saved myself hours of headache

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