37 thoughts on “THE DEADLIFT: Complete Breakdown (Ft. Brett Gibbs)”

  1. Had the subtitles on as i can't turn up the volume now, it's hilarious. Youtube subtitliing the FUCK out of Brett's heavy accent.

    But this is still the hands down the single best deadlift tutorial (conventional) in my opinion, better than Hawthorne's, Dan Green's, Jay Nera's and even Malanichiev's. Making a few tweaks here and there after watching this video has allowed me to pull more efficiently and more explosively, i still watch this video every now and then to remind myself, thanks Omar and Brett for putting this together again.

  2. Awesome tutorial. Does anyone know a solution to keeping the glutes engaged?When I turn the knees out as he shows I immediately feel the tension. But as soon as I go down I lose all the tension in the glutes…

  3. This is by far the best DL instructional video Ive seen yet. Thank you so much! I like that advice about scaling back on the weight too. I dont have to do that with my DL yet, but Im gonna try that with my squat because I seem to be in the same situation you described with mg squat progression. awesome advice here. Thanks again!

  4. Incredible lifter,also he is explaining very interesting things. But Omar can you to translate it to English? I didn't understand half of his speech. Anyway it is very infromative video.

  5. thank you Omar!!! i knew i wasn't engaging my gluten the right way and now i know why!!! so thank you for awesome content as always !!

  6. Amazing video. I actually pulled an extra 40 lbs just by walking a bit further out from the bar to midfoot level. Made a huge difference. Could you comment on head position please and do a video on supplementary exercises to improve the deadlift. Thanks again. That was the best deadlift video. Cheers!

  7. I can never find a video on what to do with the shoulder blades at the beginning of the lift- are they supposed to be squeezed together or flared while engaging the lats?

  8. this is the most comprehensive and best deadlift tutorial for anyone trying to improve their deadlift. there are key principles regardless of size that you should follow. always approach the bar the same way, setup the same way, visualize the lift and move it exactly how you want to do it

  9. better believe this guy knows his stuff. Great video. After 3 years this advice is just as good!

  10. I’ve always noticed my large erectors, recently tried DLs again and had super tight muscle aches in them after warm up weight. Finally figured out it was probably caused by non-isometric contractions/extensions. Just tried this “screw your feet into the ground” cue to use my glutes on descent and ascent, boom! Pain gone, DL PR incoming 😛

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