[Aikido Ukemi] Basic Rolling – Instructor Teaching a Student

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This is an in-depth example of an Aikido instructor teaching a student how to roll. It includes various tips and methods on getting a student ready for Aikido rolls, using various props and tricks. Although this video is dedicated to Aikido instructors, it is also useful for beginners to better understand their rolling faults.

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Instructor: Sensei Rokas
Music: Dylan Hardy – Strangely Unaffected


29 thoughts on “[Aikido Ukemi] Basic Rolling – Instructor Teaching a Student”

  1. Its nice to see how you take your student through the process step by step and explain everything in detail. From my experience I can say that this is definitely not the case in every dojo. Most dojos Ive been to didnt really bother giving any instructions to newcomers, including me when I first started with aikido a year ago. It is really refreshing to see the oppsite for once. Keep up the nice teaching and you will most certainly reach even more people with your videos.

  2. Love your style guys.. Well explained, well done sensei… Loved the dog burging into the video part be the way ☺️

  3. you have a beautiful wife. congrats. it's awesome she helped you make this video. helped alot to see the improvements. you 2 have cute dog too. peace

  4. Thank you so much. These drills are really usefull to overcome difficulties and the instinctive fear of falling! Now, this is the genuine will to teach! Thank you!

  5. Excelentes dicas…parabéns. Vou tentar aplicar alguns conceitos desses em nossos treinos aqui em Curitiba..só não terei o cachorrinho para nos dar um "beijo" durante a aula…hahaha. Muito obrigado e bons treinos.

  6. Thank you very much for this. I just started and I find that your videos are detailed to a point that allows me to really understand what I need to do and answers so many of my questions. Bravo! please keep it up, I watch the videos over and over again.

  7. In over 40 years of martial arts, Ukemi is the only thing that consistently helped me – usually when I did something stupid on my bicycle.
    As a kid the first 3 months of my Judo class was nothing but falling, rolling, getting up, and doing it again. It became second nature. Unfortunately, many Aikido Dojos don't teach falling as thorough as this. The result is people get hurt, and stop.
    So, this effort is good. Learn to roll, it is your first level of defense.

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