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A popular fitness couple abandons typical fad systems and introduces their new program based on ancient spells and gothic rituals.


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Goth Fitness | Infomercials | Adult Swim


31 thoughts on “Goth Fitness | Infomercials | Adult Swim”

  1. I couldn’t stand my traditional 30 minute spin class, now by using goth fitness and listening to satanic death metal, I spend about 8 hours per class on the bike, mostly because they bolt the doors shut and don’t open them until someone has been sacrificed, but still, I have the legs of a mutant, thanks goth fitness!

  2. sounds nice except the fact that goths stay out of the sun they dont go to the beach…they also smoke…..

  3. "those people were posers anyway"
    I f*cking choked on my own spit laughing and now I have black tears in my eyes.

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