21 thoughts on “Gran Turismo SPORT: Mercedes F1 car lap”

  1. Wtf is that sound . Sounds like a v8 gt3 car not a v6 hybrid…. and I am sorry?!?!?!? How is he holding the steering wheel like that? Looks like my grandma going to the grocery store.

  2. I'm sorry I can't appreciate the F1 on this game. The car looks as if it's on rails meaning too quick, engine sound is worst than the Honda engine on F1 2015 and sounds annoying, the steering response of the driver is so slow. Too much transmission whining as well. Better off with asseto corsa or actual F1 game.

  3. Wow poor form from polyphony here and im a massive GT fan. Sound is closer to a GT3 car than an F1 car, and the handling model looks awful.

  4. The sounds of a bunch of cars, including this one, get ruined by GT Sport’s favorite gearbox whine that you don’t hear in half of the cars or sound absolutely different in reality.

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