Learning the Impossible | 7 days, 1 hour a day challenge

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Don’t forget that things you play right now probably felt impossible a while ago. Recognizing your achievements really helps in staying focussend on where to go next. This video is a little showcase on how I approach learning new pieces, and how it looks when I am doing it.




Fender Custom Shop Cunetto Relic ’97

Kemper Amp –

RØDE NTG4 (for vox) –

RME Fireface UCX –
Ableton live –


50 thoughts on “Learning the Impossible | 7 days, 1 hour a day challenge”

  1. Congrats and I’m sure that I’m not alone on feeling a Jason Becker vibe from his „Air“ piece….great stuff

  2. sorry, this is a dumb Question but what method do you use to memorize the notes & their positions ? thanks 🙂

  3. That 99x in Gitarr pro. 🙂
    Man I have been playing guitar for more than 16 years. And what bugs me the most is alternate string skipping.

  4. There’s a group of “Thumbs Downers” that I would just love to see their vids. How could you not appreciate this insight into practicing?

  5. Great Challenge. Thank you for sharing this. I have written it out in guitar pro and my goal is also 120 bpm. It's now 10 may 2019 and I have b een started with the first 16 notes (part 1) on 30 bpm For the most part, I agree with the opinion of Dave Anderson
    . My condition is: increase the speed (with a max. of 2 bpm) when you can play it perfectly 5 times in a row. And yes every mistake, no matter how small means starting over again (from the beginning). you will be amazed at the number of mistakes you make and the time you spend on a small part of a song or exercise.

  6. I wouldn’t consider 120 bpm imposible… if you did it 180 to 220 bpm … now that would be amazing

  7. WOW! Just WOW! Remarkable example of the importance of discipline and how it rewards those who practice it with discipline! Thankz!

  8. This is what my first teacher have me do. 80 to 85 for a hour or more on a part. Then 80 again to 90. Till 80 and as high as I could go. I haven’t done it in years cause the climb over again each day is a lot. Plus I had no melodic instinct back then. But the speeds you could reach were insane. Need to do start to do that again.

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