7 Reasons Pro-Life Movie | Extra Footage

Here are some extra clips that were not included in 7 Reasons. Download “7 Reasons” here:

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44 thoughts on “7 Reasons Pro-Life Movie | Extra Footage”

  1. Why do people say God gave us free will to do what we want when they want to commit murder? Free will is sin because it's not God's will. God allows it but there are consequences. You can choose God's will and life, or your own free will and suffer the consequences.

  2. Ray, you have changed the entire way I evangelize to people, and it’s been way more effective. I love you so much. You have brought me to a point where I evangelize any time I have the chance. Please read this so you keep going. Jesus Christ loves you

  3. I have a question. If the mother is about to die because of the baby would it be ok to get an abortion. Or if both would die should we let both of them die. I know in every other instance it's wrong but I'd like to hear your opinion on those specific examples

  4. I watched the whole talk from Dr. Levatino at Virginia Tech, which is basically the full extended presentation of the video Living Waters posted a month ago.
    Abortion is not only murder, but it's also slaughtering in every sense of the word.

  5. Thank you Heavenly Father for people like Ray Comfort that can open eyes, minds & hearts to help save innocent children! Praise Jesus!

  6. Ray I can't find the area where you had test videos out there. But here is a clip that's all over the internet news about Mississippi the new heartbeat law!!! You wanted feedback before the May release of 7 reasons. Praying this helps! 🙏😘


  7. Looking at all the thumbs up 👍
    Makes me have faith in humanity
    And I thank our lord Jesus for
    Human kind ✝️

  8. Ray , your so right about not knowing when we will die , so be ready. My wife's best friend … Her 19 year old daughter was killed yesterday in a car crash.

  9. I think Canadian laws are different and they wouldn't wait as long to abort. I would inform myself first. For instance the plan B pill, or morning after pill is an acceptable form of abortion, it gets complicated when the baby starts forming.

  10. Got chills when you said "When hearts change, laws change." WOW. So true Hallelujah! ❤🙏☦🙏❤

  11. Ray you are a good soul, preaching to unsaved world, you will get your reward one day, God bless you….Keep the good work..

  12. Go see "Unplanned" in movie theaters to support Christian movie makers……… March 29th! Then on May 9th download Ray's movie. Lets support our brothers and sisters in Christ!

  13. You won't be able to release this in May if we are raptured before then, you should release ASAP I don't get why you're holding back unless it's just about the money.

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