Healthy No-Bake BROWNIES (Vegan, Gluten Free) – Hot Chocolate Hits


Satisfy that sugar craving with this recipe for guilt free no-bake brownies. FULL PRINTABLE RECIPE:

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24 thoughts on “Healthy No-Bake BROWNIES (Vegan, Gluten Free) – Hot Chocolate Hits”

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  2. Just superb recipe we are on diet how about its effect on weight loss?? . Will it put on some weight ? How much to take a day to avoid gain in weight n shelf life pls ????

  3. I just made these and here are my notes:
    I'm not a big fan of dark chocolate because it's bitter. So the ganache and the brownie itself were bitter so I had to add many tablespoons of sugar to the ganache. It was still bitter though, but I liked it better. It's healthy and packed with proteins so it's good for my diet.

    And I replaced 1 tbsp of cocunt oil with 1 tbsp of low fat milk just to decrease the calories.

    Overall 7/10

  4. Just made this, really simple and good! I would like to find a substitute for the frosting though, the sat fat in the coconut oil is not so good..but the brownie part is awesome!

  5. Why do people keep referring to these recipes as sugar free? They are only white sugar free but all the other sweetners are sugar. So at the end in you body everything turns into glucose and it is just as unhealthy.
    Same with calling these brownies. They are not. t
    This is a Raw-Nuts-Kokoa-Cake! Simple as that.

    And yes I will try them, I just don't like this fake names they are given.

  6. Wow, it's so good. I made this today but instead of the ganache, I did a salted caramel made from dates and seasalt as a top layer.

  7. Personally I refrain from trying these kind of recipes because I always think that even though it looks amazing, it's gonna taste way too healthy and far from what a brownie would taste like but I am so happy for giving this recipe a try. I have never liked dates or nuts but I couldn't taste them and these tasted really really good and are guilt free yet indulgent ! Thank you so much! Looking forward to more tasty recipes!

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