HP Spectre x360 (2017) – My Experience!


A full review of the 2017 HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 13″ laptop computer!



Specs of model featured:
– Intel i7 2.7GHZ (7th Gen, 7500U)
– 13.3″ 1920×1080 FHD Touchscreen
– 2x USB C/Thunderbolt 3, 1x USB 3.1
– Bang & Olufsen Quad Speakers


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43 thoughts on “HP Spectre x360 (2017) – My Experience!”

  1. I don't review PC's often, but I tried my best to cover everything on this one!

    Leave a "LIKE" on this video, along with a comment down below requesting certain laptops you would possibly like to see me review.

  2. Can you do a comparison video for the spectre x360 8th Gen and yoga 920 8th Gen? Love your videos btw. The university student points are super helpful. Thanks

  3. What a biased review…might as well be an HP employee. Tips: use it for more than a week and research other user's comments. Many forums and other YouTube reviews talk about several issues but this review doesn't and there's not much unbiased critique on the product. I can just look at a spec sheet instead of watching this "review". The laptop is great but many batches are defective fyi.

  4. I bought this laptop. I was very happy with everything. But, it was heating very much even after few minutes use. So, I returned it. Maybe my laptop was faulty or may be hp spectre x360 dissipate more heats because of aluminium body.

  5. I read the 8gb ram with intel i7 is ass but I have the i7 16gb ram with 500(500 something) gb it's pretty fresh I love it no problem besides in the beginning my hp pen worked and now it doesn't but HPs customer support is actually really good they're sending me another one also the stupid apps were not downloading but you guys already know how stupid the windows store is but they can help with that too. But overall the price right now is really good for what you're getting will not disappoint.

  6. I hate to be the 'brand' type of buyer but I've hard some pretty bad experience with HP products with two laptop that failed due to motherboard issues after 2 – 3.5 year with low performance usage (web browsing, word/spreadsheets and videos). Has any one got decent life out of newer HP devices and possibly vouch reliability?

  7. Well built…..HA, bought this it it broke a couple days later. Got it replaced with a new one, that thing still broke. HP is a joke and we all know it.

  8. Hi Justin, I've just bought this laptop, thanks for the review. What can you say about it after months of use??? Still a good opinion??? Again, thanks for a great video

  9. Watching this on my HP Spectre x360 8th gen. I can tell you now its definitely worth it, i'm going to be using the laptop for school, and it is a beast compared to the Macbook.

  10. I never understood why reviewers did sound tests…wouldn't I just be effectively listening to the quality of my own laptop's speakers

  11. My aunt purchased one of these November 29 2017. Started having issues within 30 days. At first thought it was quick books problem. Then last Friday keyboard quit working. Would not type at all. Kept saying “control key stuck”. We are in Florida and we purchased in Illinois so we took to local Staples. Tech worked and worked to get it to work. He thought it was slipping into tablet mode. We got back to house and it would not work. We had done a complete factory reset and lost our quick books. Called HP and after being transferred 4 times until someone could help. They tested by walk through and said defective computer. We are concerned as many people have complained of same issues. They say they will fix it but they will not replace or allow exchange. If this is happening to so many then sounds like a defect in this model. How can we reach HP in USA ( we got India when we called) to discuss this matter with a customer service rep?

  12. Hello justin i was just wondering im entering high school and am looking for a good laptop. what would you reccomend

  13. A LOT of people never mention coil whine and fan noise. I purchased the maxed out version of the 15 inch model and the coil whine is atrocious. Even when the GPU is not even being taxed, it is audible and quite annoying. Fan noise is also a huge problem. The fan will engage frequently and spontaneously for seemingly no reason at all. Browsing the internet? Fan noise. Watching some netflix? Fan roars. Play a low GPU and CPU demanding game? Fan whistles and the laptop gets really uncomfortable to touch, especially in the region right above the keyboard. Coil whine also gets progressively worse as the demand in tasks increase, but it is definitely audible even while doing something as simple as browsing the internet.

  14. Hello, Justin Tse. I was wondering if the HP specter is good the enough to cope with the programs of Adobe, 3DS Max Studio and with the game League of Legends? Thank you, good video.

  15. @ Justin Tse, I just buy my new spectre 360 I7, and I'm really stressed about the heating problem and the annoying fan which always running all the time. I have reported this problem to the store, and they give me the new unit. But the problem still exists. Is it normal for HP ? The battery only run for 3 – 4 hours. my previous laptop was Sony Vaio and I never face this problem.

    I'm really worry the heating problem will damage others components. How to solve it ?

  16. Anyone have the HP Spectre x360 in this color? Is the natural silver color more white in person or is it more silver? My screen/the video makes it look white to me.

  17. I see you mentioned something briefly about color calibration. I purchased this unit recently and i noticed that the color temperature is too warm. Next to other devices, it looks almost yellowish. Is this what you were referring to ? If so, can you please tell what settings you used to calibrate it ?

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