Violence and Bad Parenting in Youth Sports


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  1. My son joined a kids Lacrosse League in the Seattle area because at 12 he wanted to learn to play. He was placed on a team whose coaches were without a doubt the most pathetic wanna be losers I've ever encountered! These sad "men" were so desperate to live out their lost dreams through these children it was an absolute horror! They alone completely destroyed my son's interest in that game due to their pathetic and aggressive approach towards coaching children. I kept my mouth shut so as not to embarrass my kid but if I ever run into one of those assholes I'm going to lay into those jackasses with everything I've got!

  2. i coach football and never grabbed kids face mask. there is a reason he coaches at the youth level no one will hire him at any higher level.

  3. Yes, many of the parents are a problem in this. However, some of the coaches are to blame as well, becasue some of them want to win because it feeds their ego since they coached the team.

  4. The porgram is a good idea, but I don't think it'll have a real effect because the troublemakers will make the promise and not do it, and some aren't interested enough to go along, so they punish the kid by not letting them play. Why not issue the parents with ID's when they attend, and they're not allowed on the field without an ID.

  5. I coached for many years. I always have a meeting with the parents and always told them, " If your child makes a mistake on the field and his first response is to look to see your reaction, you are pressuring him and he will eventually quit, because its not fun anymore".

  6. This is exactly why I refused to continue playing sports once I became a teenager.  It was only a popularity contest among the parents of the team and among the coaches throughout the league.  It was not an experience that was meant to provide communication, athletic, and team-building skills for the kids; it was an arms-race for the adults.

  7. narcissists. it's not about you, it's about the kids building teamwork skills and simply having fun playing a sport they love. ridiculous.

  8. I've personally coached and while competitiveness is part of the game, my job is to build a foundation focused on the children learning the fundamentals of the sport in a safe, fun environment while also teaching them about sportsmanship, respect, and discipline. Parents and coaches who overreact specially in games that involve very young children will eventually take away any interest from the kids.

  9. One guy ends up dead and the other facing 20 yrs to life over somethin' petty. Damn, this world is fucked smh

  10. 9:56 Reporter trying to throw out the baby with the bath water.
    Of course yelling and screaming and high intensity can be good for kids, when tempered by healthy motivation, discipline, guidance.

  11. we let our kids play team sports to teach them fair play and sportsmanship and to let them have fun but unfortunately the parents and the coaches take all the fun out of it and they do not whant to play anymore and sometimes even the other players take the fun out of it.

  12. INSANITY by these Type "A" parents, managers & coaches. We have one of those types in my local area. He should be BANNED FROM ALL YOUTH SPORTS. Maybe someday, he will.

  13. I can understand if the kid is in high school, college, or even Pro football and be talked to like that, then it's fine…But these are little kids, younger than 12 years old! It's supposed to be fun when they are very young. WTF?!

  14. This is why parents need to step up against these kinds of adults. I guarantee the vast majority of these parents are sickened by these behaviors.

  15. The coaches of Jensen Beach are not training athletes, they are training bullies. You don't have to be a bully to be successful. Bad approach and bad coaching.

  16. I recall a line from the 80's movie, Red Dawn, one of teenagers asks Powers Boothe what started it all, he says" 2 biggest guys on the block, sooner or later, they're gonna fight"

  17. sports used to be good for kids now its just barbaric especially football I hate the parents and coaches on this show called Friday night tykes it is absurd every time I see one of these so called grown men say to these kids stop your fucking crying  I want to beat them with a metal bat until they cry and then tell them pain is weakness leaving the body

  18. Did that dude actually say that kids don't want championships and all star games? Speaking from experience, that is simply untrue.

  19. I've been a youth soccer coach for over 25 years now started when I was 19 and I can say I used to be a real prick yelling at my players all the time getting in their faces and I coached high school soccer for 7 years and it was a lot of the same. I stopped coaching school soccer 10 years ago, but still coach youth travel soccer and I've done a complete 180 degree turn. It was my last year coaching school ball when I took a step back and realized I was what I hated when I was a kid. I hated asshole coaches. Now I'm regarded as possibly one of the most accommodating and pleasant coaches to play for. I admitted I was wrong and stepped up and take care of my players. These other coaches need to do the same they are an embarrassment.

  20. Ahh this reminds me of two years ago when parents from two different teams were suspended for 5 games because there was a brawl at a 15-16 year old game. I think that is the better option. I don't think kids should be punished for their stupid parents. I think if parents are the ones acting like asshats they should be suspended from games or banned depending on the offense/repeating offe der. have refs or umpires notified about who is banned and make sure they arnt there when the game starts. Also I think any coach who gets in a fight with another coach should be suspended for the year. I've had to stop a few coaches from fighting and I've ejected coaches before the fights started explaining to them you need a cool off period. Luckily none of my games have I had that scenario of an actual fight but I have been followed to the parking lot and after game was over get threatened to be beaten with a bat from a grandma. The kids who want to play and have fun should still be allowed to play.

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