Spicy Tuna Salmon Sushi Roll – Beautiful Food Recipe

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Spicy Tuna Salmon Roll – Beautiful Food Recipe
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This is a very simple yet delicious little canape style sushi roll, these small rolls are made with both spicy tuna tartar and spicy salmon tartar fillings, how they are made; the spicy tuna tartar roll is wrapped in salmon sashimi and avocado, the opposite is done for the sushi roll with spicy salmon tartar filling it’s wrapped with tuna sashimi and avocado, this creates a beautiful contrast of food colors almost like a yin and yang effect.

These canapes sushi rolls are ready to eat as is and don’t need any dipping sauces, they taste just as great as they look, please try cooking this recipe your self you will not be let down.

thank you for watching the beautifully made sushi roll good luck making it.

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27 thoughts on “Spicy Tuna Salmon Sushi Roll – Beautiful Food Recipe”

  1. Thanks so much for another wonderful video!! I love every video that you make and you are a great inspiration for anyone watching!! I would love to make some of this awesome sushi 🍣 at some point!! Keep up the great work!!😀😃😄😁😆

    -Another Fan!!

  2. Love the presentation. I however prefer my tartar creamy with some sort of mayo or I like sesame oil. I would not however use lime or any acid without cutting the acid with something sweet. A tiny bit of mango or marmalade. Not to make it to sweet but to cut the acidity, lime alone would be to sharp for my guests. Thanx for the idea I will play with it. Mike

  3. Nice combo and idea. But always make the tartar first and that way your Nori won't hydrate and become chewy. I also do this with cucumber wrap and find that if you lay it down and layer it , it will roll up easier too. Thanks, great stuff man.

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