Best Retro Game Handheld to Buy?! The Sony PSP!


The PSP may have failed in Sony’s quest to unseat Nintendo as king of the handheld gaming hill, but it’s found new life among retro gamers. In this video, I take a look at the system and its own games, but with a focus on using it to play retro games through the many emulators available for it. Is this the one retro machine you need? Maybe!

There have been three really common comments, so let me just answer them here:

On PSP sales: The PSP sold 82 million units, which is a lot by any standard. However, it was up against the Nintendo DS, which sold 154 million units. Approximately 50% of the PSP’s sales were in Japan as well, while the DS dominated in other countries. The spread in the US, for example, was 3 to 1. Sony did not get into the handheld market for that kind of result.

On the E1000 model: A lot of people have also said I forgot to mention this. In fact, I didn’t – I left it out intentionally. It is a regional variant. I did misspeak one word in the video – I wrote “there are four *main* models”, whereas for some reason I actually said “there are four *unique* models”. Hey, it happens – all of my scripted videos are about 95% accurate to the script, not 100%, but usually the changes I make on the fly are meaningless, and I rarely even notice them. In this case, that one word does change the meaning, so I do apologize for that. But I still wouldn’t have mentioned the E1000, as it doesn’t officially exist in the US and is not a model I’d recommend looking for. It would be like talking about the (Brazilian) Digiplay Intellivision in an American video about buying an Intellivision – it would just be confusing.

Lastly, my mind is made up about the Go.

Here’s the promised link to wololo:

A few notes on how I got the game footage you’re seeing:

Everything was captured from the system in question using an El Gato Game Capture HD set to its highest possible quality. It’s all REAL output as you’d see if you hooked one of these machines up to your TV, which is what I prefer to show you if possible. Nothing was emulated on PC, and no console has been modded for output! It’s all totally stock. I used the following connections:

* PSP – standard PSP component cables
* Genesis, Atari Flashback Portable, Genesis Portable – standard RCA composite cables
* ColecoVision, Intellivision, Atari 2600/VCS – RF output to a JVC HR-S7500U S-VHS VCR, then RCA composite cables. (I somehow didn’t think to try S-video – well, next time!)

Keep in mind as you watch that the PSP’s native resolution is 480×272 – it looks a bit jagged if you’re watching full-screen on a 24″ monitor, but on the little PSP screen it looks fine. Also, it may be the component cables themselves, but no matter what I did the PSP’s TV output always looked a little blown out, with too much gain. It doesn’t look that way on the PSP itself.

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37 thoughts on “Best Retro Game Handheld to Buy?! The Sony PSP!”

  1. Hey guys, if you're interested in how I actually captured the footage from both handhelds and RF-based systems here, be sure to click "show more" on the description. I've got a full explanation in there! There was no PC emulation involved; the only emulators were those on the handhelds that I was testing.

  2. I'll get a PSP E1000. Again, the WiFi services are borked, it has Mini USB that's still used in modern stuff (mostly TI calculators) that isn't the dumb All in One connector on the PSP Go, it resurrected the UMD drive & is more stylish. Yes, it's mono, and more people prefer the other ones, but that's just me. And besides, I have an iPhone 5 to do any more internet related stuff on-the-go that doesn't relate to copying this video to the PSP.

  3. Plz make a 2019 vid for this like best portable hand held/console to buy . And what’s the best psp and should u buy a psp or a portable mini pc it’s like a portable 3ds but it runs windows

  4. the 3000 screen is better in my opinion, perhaps sometimes colors dont look alright but it had no ghosting at all which was annoying in the 2000 IMO.

  5. I bought psp 3000 in november 2018. for 55eur in SERBIA,EUROPE! Also 32GB sd card !! This is a powerfull machine NOW! Thanks for tips. Great!

  6. Think the switch has taken over now. Its an amazing handheld console. The psp though was totally amazing for its time ive built up quite a collection of movies and games. The way you could port ps2 games over to it is just amazing i still love my psp!

  7. This day I prefer the 1000 model cause kof the build quality …I've had two 3000 units that end up having CD drive issues and sound like dentist drills. The screen is a bit better but the load times ain't really an issue with downloaded games so not a big deal. Either way the PSP is my favorite system of all time I LOVE IT!
    Also guys if ya look on eBay Japan has some awesome deals on PSP 1000 systems that look almost new.

    Great video man thanks ….and your 2000 color is killer!

  8. Hey modern classic! Does the psp run super castlevanie perfectly? Please relpy cause if it dose im gonna buy one tomorrow πŸ™‚

  9. i have ps vita 1000, should i mod this one? or get psp and mod it. isnt vita can do psp does so no reason get another one?

  10. Nope, best Retro Game Handheld is the Vita. I have both, modded PSPs and modded Vitas. PSP is already nice and easier to mod, but the Vita has the much nicer screen (bigger, much higher resolution), dual analogsticks and many very good Vita games (plus all the stuff you can do on the PSP). And very important to mention: You can't get good batteries for the PSP! It's impossible! I've tried more than 10 different battery types (everything you can get on Amazon) and all are the cheapest China crap. Some even break after only one loading cycle. Others just have much less capacity than the original. It's a big problem, there are just no high quality 3rd party batteries existing on the market for the PSP.

  11. I love when people talk down on the go model just more for me its smaller than any other model but I gess that don't matter when you don't bring it with you

  12. If you're going to buy a PSP buy a Japanese one. They run just fine on the same software (all you have to do is change the Language to English in the settings first), but they won't play NA or Europe UMD disks. Despite this they're cheap as chips and are easily modded. I just got a 1000 for $20 and that includes shipping. 2000s will run about $5-10 more. They're cheap because they were so prolific in Japan.

  13. Could you show us the Moqi i7s?
    Sadly its $360 on Ali-express

    Its an android device that can play NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, PS1, PSP, Atari 2600, DC, C64, Sega 32X, Sega CD, Genesis, MasterSystem, Bandai Wonderswan / Color, MAME, FBA and can play Saturn, Gamecube, and Wii out of the box.

  14. Oof my psp was modded on 5.50 CFW but apparently it displays itself as "9.90" so I have to change it before I try and update it to 6.61 and 6.61 infinity.

  15. Can anybody tell me that Japanese racing game that came after outrun 2006, its name? I cant hear what this dude is saying. thanks lots peeps

  16. Dumb question from non techy…..can I get ALL the Atari and Activision games on this system? How about Intellivision games? Any arcade classics from the 80's?

  17. You can definitely still connect the the Playstation Store, in June, 2019, with a PSP.

    Just go there. It'll say "error connecting…." Then hit O, as it says, and you'll be I the PS Store. I download games from there, directly, all the time.

    I don't know who started that dumbass rumor that a PSP can't connect to the PS Store, or why "game reviewers" keep repeating it.

    You can't go through anything but search and your own library, but you can still go there, look up a game, or scroll through your library.

    It's maddening how often that bullshit is spread by morons.

  18. Great video I modded one of these myself and I still play it today, its a 2000 series. I got mine for Β£20 with no games just a charger. Amazing with how it's true power has to be discovered, keep making more videos like this, I subscribed to your channel. Hope you can do the
    same for me πŸ˜‰

  19. Every reason you gave for why the Vita isn't the answer no longer applies.
    >Special cable
    So? They're 5 dollars for a knockoff, and the Vita 2000 uses micro usb anyway

    Yes,, but no more of a hassle than learning how to mod a PSP. You just gotta follow the guides

    >Firmware updates
    It's hackable up to 3.69 now, and you can cheat the system to play any game you want without updating

    Also, with Adrenaline, you essentially have a PSP in your Vita. So you have the best of both worlds

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