How To Make CAKE POPS ~ Easy Cake Pops Tutorial


Learn how to make cake pops that have the perfect texture, easy to make, and pretty darn fun!!

Be creative and come up with colors to match your theme. If you suck at decorating cake pops like I do, there are a TON of different sprinkle options available online and in stores. Have fun and enjoy!!!

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33 thoughts on “How To Make CAKE POPS ~ Easy Cake Pops Tutorial”

  1. What section in Target did you find the small baggies? Also, where did you get that styrofoam thing? Michaels craft store?

  2. I normally dont comment on videos, but I just had to comment on yours.. Thank you so much for making this recipe super easy, short and fun….

  3. You are making my life so much easier!!! You are funny and have great tips! I agree you have an amazing voice for tutorials and pace is great! Thank you so much!!!!

  4. If your cake is really moist already do ypu still have to add frosting? In your video the texture you said it should be….thats how mine already is

  5. I'm here because I just bought two cake pops from Starbucks and I'm watching this to build up the excitement. Lol.

  6. Is the bakers chocolate sweet and does it come in regular dark or milk chocolate? And can you use food coloring to change the color of the white chocolate?

  7. Never would have thought in a million years that I would make cake pops. However, after watching this video, I'M IN! Love you videos, they are so lively and entertaining and friendly! <3

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