Gran Turismo Sport – Honda Beat ’91 Gameplay [PS4 Pro]


Honda Beat ’91 is available in free update 1.23

2:13 – Gameplay
4:00 – Replay

Track: Tsukuba Circuit
Sunset – 17:20 – Sunny

Gameplay from PS4 Pro.



30 thoughts on “Gran Turismo Sport – Honda Beat ’91 Gameplay [PS4 Pro]”

  1. Now they should add the Suzuki Cappuchino to go with it. I loved tuning it up to the max in GT6 and using it's light weight and tiny body to sneak up on much more powerful cars and overtake them on pretty much any corner

  2. Ахаха, я вижу полигоны, будто смотрю на гайку, а не спидометр 😀 2018

  3. Not so sure why people just complain with all the nitpicky stuff that breaks the "muh immersion" deal for them.
    On the bright side, at least the cars don't sound like various vacuum cleaner modes. That alone is a significant upgrade.

  4. All I wanted is Classic Mini Cooper! But they ain’t gonna add in game! So fuck this!

    Buys Dirt 4 because it’s got classic Mini Cooper! And I want to drive it!
    I’m not trolling brah cause I’m huge fan of classic mini and I owns one on my drive way Dark green base with white roof and stripe on hood of Austin Mini Cooper S ‘65

  5. Id rather have a million low polygon cars than a few hundred highly detailed cars like this, if I want to see something this realistic I'll go watch an actual video, good shit nevertheless

  6. I love the Sports K class, the Beat, the S660, the Cappuccino and the Copen, even though it is FWD! They're ideal for narrow winding roads!
    But the sound isn't right! A 3-cylinder sounds completely different compared to this!

  7. HOL UP gestures with hands SO YOU TELLIN ME eats spaghetti WE goes to Mass GOT HONDAS has 10 kids BUT NO switches sides in WWII HYPERCARS

  8. Is the ps4 pro upgrade worth it? Has anyone played GT sport on both on the same screen? My brother and I play it so much that I am trying to justify the cost.

  9. I hope PD fixes the sound on replays; the engines sound far and low, low, low, low, then FRIGGIN' LOUD, low, low, low, low, is not a gradual transition.

  10. they should have an update dedicated to just the Kei cars in Japan. fancy supercars can wait, unique, quirky and sometimes obscure cars are what Japanese racing games have always been about.

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