Chicken Udon Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

Recipe here:
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This video will show you how to make Chicken Udon (noodle soup.) Recipe by Noriko & Yuko of Japanese Cooking 101 ( We only use ingredients you can easily find!


49 thoughts on “Chicken Udon Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101”

  1. can i use the udon noodle recipe that you made in your other video  for this soup 
    can i put those noodles in this soup

  2. Just wanted to confirm, I did this recipe almost exactly as instructed and it turned out great! exactly the same taste as in Japan! definitely takes me back. Will be making this again many more times. Thanks.

  3. can i remove mirin and sake from the recipe? and change with some soda? can i use sweet soy sauce in this recipe?

  4. I just made this and it was amazing! Next time, I'm going to make it with Salmon! Salmon udon with alot of spring onions! 🙂 Thank You very much for the amazing and easy to follow recipe video! 🙂

  5. thank you for the recipe. I am totally making this for lunch later. but first, im gonna have to get some bonito flakes (๑´ڡ`๑)

  6. As we live on a small island, I can't get the ingredients to make the fish broth. Would it be acceptable to substitute with fish sauce flavored hot water?

  7. udon must be boiled without dashi and toppings
    First of all, boil udon with water, and cold it (it makes koshi(udon al dente)).
    Finally, you put udon soup, and toppings into the bowl

  8. Does anyone know when you use sake to cook food, does she mean any sake you find that they sell in stores for drinking? Or does it have to be some kind of specific sake for cooking?

  9. tokusen udon noodles- Settle for only the best-Not frozen not dried, sold ready to eat with quick boil-comes with 5 packs in each bag-great recipe thanks

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  11. How many people does this recepie feed? I have a family of four so I'm wondering if I should double the ingredients to make enough soup for everybody lol

  12. Just ate udon soup with dry noodles and powdered udon stock… wondered if it possible to make from scratch.. thinking it must be super hard… seems easy! But ive never seen frozen or fresh noodles only dry… but still better then nothing!

    Thanks for sharing your recipe! Will try it tomorrow!

  13. When giving insight on how to make Japanese food, have the decency of giving the ingredients in writing: without just gibbering Yes, you are instructing how to preparing the food. Please give writing the manes .

  14. I have a question. Isn't there a certain technique that requires while straining udon noodles? I remember that it was for the texture of the udon noodles.

  15. I made this tonight for dinner and it was so deliciously satisfying 😊 I’ve added a small dash of grated ginger and it added a nice spicy taste to the broth (I know, likely not an orthodox addition but I’m kinda addicted to it so I add it every time it seems to fit the recipe). Thank you for making this video!

  16. I'm a big fan of any type of noodles recipe but the problem is; here in our place its barely hard to find the dashi powder. Please suggest me what is the best substitute for dashi powder. Thank you.

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