Apeman A80 4K WIFI Action Camera REVIEW & Sample Videos and Pictures


The full review of the Apeman A80 Action Camera.
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In this video you can see the full review of the new Apeman A80 4K action camera, check out it’s features and see sample pictures and sample videos. This camera has Gyro Stabilization and that means that your footage won’t be as shaky. I’ve also included 2 samples with the Gyro stabilization on and off.
This camera is using the Novatek 96660 CPU and can record at 4k at 24fps and 1080P at 60fps..

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35 thoughts on “Apeman A80 4K WIFI Action Camera REVIEW & Sample Videos and Pictures”

  1. Great video. Would you recommend this for use for on board motorcycle footage? Is there a 3.5mm jack to attach an external mic? Thanks

  2. does this camera support an external mic ? I like the looks and sounds of this one best out of all the ones you've reviewed. thanks ! great vid ( liked)

  3. Is it worth getting a used GoPro Hero 4 or the Apeman? Heard people say the GoPro’s battery life isn’t great?

  4. Can anyone help me? I have this camera and I press record and after around 3 minutes the camera automatically stops recording and when I plug the camera into my PC to check the files there is nothing. I have a 64GB micro SD and the battery life is fully charged so I have no idea why its doing this? PLEASE HELP!

  5. This guy is really good at doing reviews I've subscribed to his channel. He speaks better English than some English people. Great review iam going to buy this model.

  6. Does anyone know where I could get a screen replacement? I broke the display recently and I didn't find the LCD on Chinese websites like AliExpress

  7. Great review! I am planning a x country MC trip this year and want to record video of the trip. I notice that all action cameras don't have a pause feature? What is a free and easy to use video software for editing and splicing all the clips? Thanks in advance – Rennie from Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada

  8. After watching some of his reviews I was reading specs on Amazon and the voice in my head was in his accent. 🤣

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