How to DEADLIFT – Sumo

dead lift

A brief (not really) explanation of some of the things you should consider when deciding on your deadlift technique

Points covered include stance width, toe out angle, grip width, hip position and execution

Intro – 0:20

The Set Up – 0:52

Stance width – 1:01

Toe out – 3:02

Grip Width – 3:40

Hip Position – 5:57

Execution – 10:00

Conclusion – 12:27

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“Luck is for the underprepared”


26 thoughts on “How to DEADLIFT – Sumo”

  1. Great video man, thanks for posting! Feedback – Keep your chin down while facing the camera though, looks a bit better 😉

  2. really good information. answered a few questions i had concerning getting hips close to bar…..and not tearing your spine apart lol. enjoyed this

  3. mann…i followed you on instagram ! glad too find your channel on youtube ! your video is very helpfull thanks 🙂

  4. Hi JP! I still find this video really helpful when trying to relearn the sumo dl. Hope you can make more videos on sumo dl, common mistakes, improving set up etc. You are one of the few that put out good contents on Youtube. Keep it up!

  5. There's a lot of great content creators out there for powerlifers from people like Dave Tate at eliteFTS right through to people like Bryce Krawcyzk at Calgary Barbell. All can offer a lot of insight and help. But your videos, particularly your cues have been some of the most helpful for me. Keep up the great work!

  6. How did you build your strength? I assume you didn't start off working out at the gym pulling 400lb you had to start off at the bottom like all of us. What system did you use and how long did it take? I'd like a video on that if possible.

  7. This guy just debunked a lot of sumo myths that I've learned from other channels. I'll listen to this guy, he seems like he knows his shit lol

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