14 thoughts on “How to Backup Your Android Tablet”

  1. How do I type in the email address in the backup account? I have the exact same screen as you, but I don't have anything in the backup account field and I can't press it or write in it? Please help.

  2. I'm all mixed up but none of my apps what I downloaded is there but when I go on Application's there all there so that is what i wanna know and is that what your even telling us???

  3. I'd like to do a full backup of my TabS 10.5. Then Wipe it. Factory Reset? Even reinstall the latest available OS from scratch. Then Root. Then remove bloatware. but it seems you can only backup media, and other specific things. Is it possible to do the equivalent of a full backup that you can do on a PC before you wipe it and get out the original Windows disks? Just this time for an android tablet?

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