THL 1 Box REVIEW – Amlogic S905X, 2GB RAM, Android 7.1.1


The review of the THL Box 1 Pro Android Media Center.
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In this review i check out the new THL Box 1 Pro Android TV Box. This device is powered by the Quad-Core Amlogic S905X, 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal Storage. We also have the latest Android OS running on it; Android 7.1
Throughout the video you will be able to check out the performance, Benchmark results, the speeds for the internal storage, Gaming, What video files work and what video files don’t work and much more.

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16 thoughts on “THL 1 Box REVIEW – Amlogic S905X, 2GB RAM, Android 7.1.1”

  1. Hi alex. question time!. i see many sellers saying (This is the only one that supports 1tb external hard drives) So does that means about 90% of tv boxes dont support 1Tb hdd ?. and what happens if i plug a 2 or 3tb hard drive?. #2 do you know if there is a way to hack the hardware or fake the specs?. i ask because i see some sellers with weird prices or saying the devices is * brand ,but i see that the case,the box or the letters dont match in some cases.(but some reviews say that the box is perfect,specifications match and so on). for that reason im thinking on going with a branded one like beelink. And again thanks for your reviews sheers!!.

  2. I hope you could upgrade your test tv into 4K so that you can accurately assess the 4K capabilities of the numerous tv boxes you have reviewed. It would really help us videophiles who own big screen 4k tv's and 4k projectors. A pass thru system via HDMI 2.0 to a new HD Master & TrueHD receiver will also accurately test the pass thru capabilities of each tv box. Thanks and keep up the good reviews.

  3. +Redskull In your opinion, could you please let me know your #1 choice in:
    1. Amlogic S905X category
    2. Amlogic S912 category
    Android TV BOX under $70? BTW love your TV box reviews. They are so good that I really can't decide on one and really need your help 🙂

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