Workout: Squat Challenge | Danielle Peazer


Tone your legs and bum with our five minute squat workout with Danielle Peazer. These exercises will tighten and lift your lower half, but they’ll also strengthen your core. We’re definitely trying this out!

This video may not be suitable for beginners, so please read the advice below. 

Fitness Advice by Lisa-Jane. Check out more from Lisa-Jane at


Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. The following exercise program may result in injury. Before attempting a new exercise, consider issues including your flexibility, strength and overall health. Consult a fitness expert before attempting the program. If at any point during the program you begin to feel physical discomfort, stop immediately and consult a physician. Endemol is not responsible for any injuries you sustain from participating in this exercise program.

Additional advice

Do not attempt this workout if you have any lower back issues, are pregnant or if you are less than 12 weeks post partum.

For squats, ensure that as you go down you push back through the hips but keep the chest upright. Imagine you are trying to sit down on a chair behind you. The chest must be up throughout, and protect the lower back by keeping the abdominals engaged. Weight should be in the heels, and the knee should track the second and third toe on the way down. Knees should not be over the toes – ensure you protect your joints by pushing the hips back evenly as you squat. At the very bottom of the move, dig those heels into the floor to drive up using the glute. With the pulses, make sure you continue to push the hips back with weight into the heels to ensure you aren’t over using your quads.

For lunges – make sure that your feet are slightly apart and engage through your core to stay upright. If you struggle to keep your balance, go slightly wider in the legs. The front knee should be in line with the ankle on the way down and the knee should not end up over the toes, you want a 90 degree bend in the front and back leg. The back knee drops towards the floor but doesn’t touch, if you feel it too much in the back leg, ensure that your hips are relaxed and that you have the majority of your weight in the front leg. Again, push back up out of the lunge by digging the heel into the floor to engage to glute.

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25 thoughts on “Workout: Squat Challenge | Danielle Peazer”

  1. How often can I do this routine? I’m asking because I’ve heard that if workout a muscle everyday, it can get use to it.

  2. Keep it going ! I love these videos they help out so much 💖 Leg burn and that but it's okay ❤️ if you are looking for a proper video this one is just for you👑

  3. Omgggg one of the hardest workout I did I can't beleive it n now I feel it like I need to have more strength in my thigh
    Thanks daneill

  4. This is amazing! It realy worked on my body , i m doing this from last 1. Month and i can totally feel the difference

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