Teaching A Budget Workshop at the NYC Planner Addicts Masquerade! VLOG | 1.26.2019

New York! THANKS FOR INVITING ME!!!! Until next time…

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21 thoughts on “Teaching A Budget Workshop at the NYC Planner Addicts Masquerade! VLOG | 1.26.2019”

  1. NEW YORK, thank you for having me this weekend! I had such a good time!

    P.S. The event was from 12:00-10:00pm.

    P.S.S. There was music playing in the background pretty much everywhere I was vlogging so that is why I had to mute some clips and use non-copyrighted music. Don’t want a copyright strike or demonetization.

  2. Lawd i had to pause the video and laugh at Mr Budgets 😂😂😂 bless his heart. He was not missing this for nothing

  3. Shay it was OUR pleasure to have you as a VIP at our event. Love the vlog, love how you captured some of the most special moments of our event. It was all possible b/c of amazing, talented women, like yourself who came to educate us. This community rocks – we are proud to have you as a member. Let us know when you're in NY again, we will find a reason to party all over!

  4. Shay, Mr. Budgets!!!!!!!!!! Meeting you both was just amazing – spending time with you was so much fun. Mr. Budgets and I are besties now everyone – hype is not a word enough to cover the feeling – the fun and more fun.

    Shay thank you for coming to partake in our NYC Planner event. Love the video.. can't wait to see you again….


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