GoPro: HERO5 – A Journey Through Mexico

gopro hero 5

Follow Tatiana and Paco as they experience their home country of Mexico like never before; ziplining across vast Copper Canyon, galloping on horseback through Valley of the Monks, hot air ballooning over ancient Teotihuacán ruins, off roading in the deserts of Chihuahua and plunging into the crystal clear waters of hidden swimming holes.

A journey like this is not soon forgotten.

Shot 100% on the HERO5® camera from ‪ Enjoy hands-free control of GoPro Hero5 using simple voice commands in 7 different languages.

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27 thoughts on “GoPro: HERO5 – A Journey Through Mexico”

  1. You see this quality only when it is shoot and posted by "GoPro". As a normal user you won't ever come close to that image. This reminds me of Nokia when they released the commercial of the Lumia stating that everything was shoot with the Lumia itself, but at some point you could observe in a shadow the silhouette of a professional camera.

  2. Nuestros primeros vídeos los hacíamos con la Gopro 4 héro.. pero nos faltaba “zoom” para darle un toque a los vídeos. Así que hemos dejado ahora la gopro…

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