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Asking 100 Girls For S*x in Miami Beach Reveals!! (Social Experiment)

These are the reveals to the social experiment, asking 100 girls if they want to have s*x in Miami beach prank. I approach hot girls, talk to them for a bit and then ask them to see if they say yes or no. This also took place during ultra music festival. Some didn’t want to and some said they had a boyfriend, so they would definitely be a cheating girlfriend. Some girls said yes as well, and one of the girls wanted money, gold digger alert. How many girls do you think said yes? You are going to have to watch the social experiment to find out! This is the Asking 100 Girls For S*x in Miami Beach Reveals Social Experiment! Ultimate Epic Prank Reveals!

Watch the Social Experiment here:
Asking 100 Girls For S*x in Miami Beach (Social Experiment)

Inspired by Whatever and Smooth POV
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Asking 100 Girls For S*x (Social Experiment) by Whatever

Asking 100 Girls For S*x in Las Vegas (Gone Right) by Smooth POV

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  2. no sabia q hablabas español jajjajaja pero realmente eres de donde orige de raza men? yo fui al ultra ni te vi

  3. But why didnt you put the most important part, when the girls say yes or no, you just cut the main part out. i cant understand why… :/

  4. Rob, with all due respect WTF? I love you and your videos, but WHY in the world would you cut the MOST interesting part which is their reaction and answer? at every single person it starts with you saying "it's a prank, it's a joke, look at the camera, look at my microphone"… I got very disappointed on this one, rated bad and didn't watch till the end. hope you don't do that on the next ones.

  5. love your videos. i thought the dude with the kid was gonna drill you when he handed off the kid! be safe keep doing what your doing.

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