22 thoughts on “Canon EOS 6D”

  1. I also purchased the 6D on sale last week. Noticed that Canon was offering another $400 off and got the store I purchased to beat it by 10% and got $542 off. So excited. Will be using it in Maui for our vacation in April. Great video but 780p? This camera can shoot in 1080p to showcase its abilities it should have 1080p option on youtube. 

  2. i`ve been using this camera for 1 year. this camera is good but it`s weak on rain. so this is not the best camera for landscape.
    i already sold this camera and plannin to bought the other

  3. An update to the Wifi capabilities and app would be a smart move for canon and selling more 6D's in 2017. and correcting moire on the MK II. besides that I am very excited to be getting mine tomorrow for still primarily. got a great deal on a mint condition one!

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