Cooking with Oma – Rouladen

If you’ve ever wanted to know what Rouladen is and how to make it, heres your chance. The adorable Oma is at it again, sharing her latest “yummy” recipe with you.
As always, I want to thank you for being a subscriber. Enjoy!


24 thoughts on “Cooking with Oma – Rouladen”

  1. Deine Oma ist so süß und hübsch, und ihr Essen sieht wirklich lecker. Meine Großmutter war Französisch und sie lehrte mich um zu kochen… sie starb im Jahr 1975, und ich vermisse sie noch heute! Vielen Dank!

  2. Hello Oma I am glad I found you. I made my family German food this weekend with your recipes. You are so lovely. God bless you.

  3. Oma you remind me so much of my Mom. ( I miss her terribly ) I cry sometimes while I watch you cook, and especially when you smile!

  4. Many a time I stood next to my Oma and my mammale making rouladin! We used to sauté the onions first before adding them in, and no celery. Also creamed horseradish with the mustard. Every region had their different recipes. Hope you are doing well, Oma!

  5. Getting recipes for my reenactment unit were a SS reenactment group and im the only one who wears a Allgemeine SS uniform since i have to stand out as the head officer

  6. Thank you Oma it took me back to grandmas house and making German food with her. I learned many dished and this was one of them. I will be making this with potato dumplings and cabbage and sausage for some German friends who are returning home from Mexico. I made German sauerkraut for them last week and they were thrilled. It beats tacos for sure. You even remind me of grandma and I miss her. Thank you

  7. I am always looking for something different to cook. I am trying all Oma's recipes, can't wait to try this one. Made her apple slices absolutely delicious

  8. We live you oma. You're so sweet and your food is so tasty. Thanks for all the recipes. My mom used to make all these dishes and it feels like home when we are cooking your recipes.

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