Xbox One S Controller Overview and Test



I’m a big fan of the subtle, but useful, features of the new Xbox One S controller. If you’re wondering how far the range actually is, whether it will pair with your tablet (specifically an iPad), how that new textured grip feels, how tactile the buttons, triggers, D-Pad and sticks are or just want to see what it looks like up close and personal, this is the video for you. And yes, I did get this to pair with my Mac.


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44 thoughts on “Xbox One S Controller Overview and Test”

  1. I've looked at a lot of reviews for this controller not 1 of them mentions anything about the bumper buttons. Are the bumpers on this new controller better than the original? The bumpers on the original are bad, constantly malfunctioning or flipping out

  2. is the bumpers(LB and RB) is clickier than the regular XB1 controller? hope you understand what i meant:)

  3. I literally got this controller a couple days ago and the A button get stuck when i press it down slightly off centre

  4. still rocking the same xbox 1s controller(included with console)
    1.7 yrs with it so far, thinking about getting a new same one since the deadzone is a bit off

  5. I agree it's feels more cheaper, the new controller looks like Chinese counterfeit product compare to my old controller.

  6. I never laid my hands on a Xbox controller and always had a playstation at home until recently… is it just me or do the Xbox One S analog sticks not respond at all the first millimeter? That drives me crazy… why does noone care or do I have a broken controller?? xD

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