Yuntab K17 10.1″ Dual SIM Android Tablet Unboxing & 1st Impressions!


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Above is a promotional link that helps the channel out financially and this is the the Yuntab K17 10.1″ Android Tablet running Android 5.1. The SIM Slots Support GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz & WCDMA: 2100/850MHz.
On Amazon this is called the Yuntab K17 10.1 Inch Quad Core,Unlocked Smartphone Phablet Tablet PC with Alloy Metal Back (1G+16G,Android 5.1,Dual Camera,IPS,Bluetooth,WIFI,USB,GPS,Support 3G,Dual SIM Card)(Alloy Black) under the product listing.

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23 thoughts on “Yuntab K17 10.1″ Dual SIM Android Tablet Unboxing & 1st Impressions!”

  1. I notice you rarely comment on whether or not these tablets have GPS, this tablet on Amazon says GPS "Support" now does this mean it has dedicated GPS hardware in the system, that it relies on A-GPS (Mobile Network GPS) or that it uses Google Approximation for GPS location? Just want to know cause I am really looking for an all in one solution (Phone, Tablet, Reader, and Pokemon Go compatible device, with occasion GPS Navigation usage). I'd rather the AOSON R103, but it doesn't have phone capabilities.

  2. Can you do a review of the Nuvision TM101A550L 10 inch tablet for 99 dollars? I wanna know and see if it good before i purchase it. If you can….

  3. You said yuntab sent this to you? So can you contact them about a file for recovery, so i can do some rooting…and other stuff.. .would love to be able to use my PS3 copntroller, however i wouldn't dare without a recovery image. P.S Yes you can transfer apps to the SD card (if supported by app)

  4. Can anyone do me a HUGE favor and tell me what SIM cards are compatible with this prepaid phone wise? I got this so I can post pics and prices for my small business since my phone scrapped out and REALLY can't waste money attempting to find ones that might be compatible. I could go with Cricket, but I don't get service for them. PLEASE HELP!!!

  5. Hi there! Could you please let me know if this device cuold receive UDP messages from the wifi network? I'm looking for a cheap tablet capable of udp port listening. Thanks a lot for your time.

  6. Hi did you or any find out if compatible with minecraft. Its for my daughter for x mas and just realised watching this she is going to def want minecraft so tablet has to go bk if not??

  7. There is only two gamed I wanted to play on the device, and it's Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and Tales of Rays. I know it is on the Play Store (I saw the icon on the screen) Can you see if that plays ok on this device? I just want a tablet that has SD expansion, use for browsing web sits, as well as netflix and YouTube, but also that Animal Crossing game as well. Thanks….am just on the fence on getting one…but heck, looks good so far, and if Animal Crossing and Tales of Rays works decently enough, then will get one. Doesnt matter to me that can only expand to 32GB SD card…likely use that for my art to show others, as well as music and videos

  8. Hi undergro
    Can you tell me how to use the phone
    And how. Can I. Make it work
    I have tmobile
    . i need to call tmobe to conect phone
    Or i
    Just. Switch sim cards?
    Ease help

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