Top 10 Hilarious Ripoffs Of The Most Popular Cartoons

Many of the most popular and famous cartoons have been blatantly ripped off. Despite countless hours spent animating, terrible versions of different cartoons like SpongeBob and the Simpsons have been copied. Here are the top 10 cartoons.
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49 thoughts on “Top 10 Hilarious Ripoffs Of The Most Popular Cartoons”

  1. Lol i live in kuwait and i have never heard of block 13, BUTT i am a fluent speaker of arabic and english so i might subtitle it if i have the time for it btw im only 13

  2. Rob dyrdek didnt rip off rocket power Rob is a proffesional skater and founderr of DC shoes/clothing and has a tv show rob n big and another one i cant remember the name of but they show funny videos and shit

  3. Oh, also, you know… I'd be angered at random unskipable advertisements but when they're about infants and include a cute little baby smiling I just can't get mad, I mean seriously, how can you get mad at something so adorable?

  4. Hanna Barbara had other scooby type shows. Jabberjaw was scooby under water, but sounded like Curley the stooge

  5. How can you make a video on this and not count the literally dozens of Ren and Stimpy rip-offs that were EVERYWHERE in the mid to late 90's? From 2 Stupid Dogs, to Space Goofs, to dozens more. More than Spongebob for SURE, EVERYONE wanted to somehow decode or copy the Spumco formula for themselves from the most influential cartoon in the 90's that literally made it it's sole mission to bring back cartoons to the creator-driven format. I mean, it was WAY more culturally relevant than even Spongebob. In fact, in many ways while not a ripoff, Spongebob was at LEAST hugely INSPIRED by Ren and Stimpy, and in fact, took about a good 80% of it's entire humor style and exaggerated expression style from it.

  6. bro i remember coconut fred i used to wacth that when i was 5 then always ask my dad why it was never on again and it would never show up on youtube when i would look it up

  7. At the end of adventure time they salute lucky pi a bit it kinda seemed as if the next reincarnation of fin in jake wast the two from lucky pi

  8. Chi chi do you copy are you falling (gravity falls) say you never ever leave from my posse cause I want lee (Stan )

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