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45 thoughts on “HIIT CARDIO FOR FAT LOSS ||”

  1. #snapchatlove I really like this videos! I'm really trying to slim up a little bit and cardio is so boring but I like his cuz it incorporates different exercises you can do outside! I was wondering if you could do (if you haven't already) a video on working your side booty? I know for me I have what I guess they call "hip dips" and i would really like to round it out more 😁😘 thanks girl! Love you and love these videos!

  2. #snapchatlove Pick me it's been a while since I have commented to win since I have never won anything when I did. So I decided to give it another try again. Thank you for everything you do and how real of a person you are inside and out on all of your social media pages I follow you on. 💕

  3. Love your journey and how truthful you are and not everything you see on social media is goals. Thank you for encouraging other to be happy with our bodies. #snapchatlove

  4. I follow you on snapchat too and you just inspire me so much. You're very real with your fans and dont bs us and I love how you're just a genuine person. Thanks for being that way.

  5. just did this workout for the second time and boy am I sweaty! I completed 6 cycles and it takes alot for me to sweat, thank you Zoe! 🙂

  6. Side to side hops are INTENSE! Honestly I thought I was the only one who does it. And I find it so adorable how much your dog is around you.

  7. did this work out last night and lets just say I can't move! I am a cancer survivor getting back into shape! Love from Canada

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