Art Q&A – Learning Colored Pencil – w/ Lachri

Today I’m answering some questions about getting started and frustrated with colored pencil. Can you take TOO many lessons? What about supplies? How do you know which to use and when?



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Time lapse and speed painting tutorials and demonstrations by award winning artist Lachri. Learn how to paint portraits, surreal landscapes, pets, lions, tigers, and birds…pretty sure a Wizard of OZ reference should be made right about now. Get tips and watch techniques for working in acrylic and oil paint, carbon pencil, graphite and colored pencil.

This video was shot using the Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD camcorder.


46 thoughts on “Art Q&A – Learning Colored Pencil – w/ Lachri”

  1. I'm just starting out in the world of coloured pencil and I found this a really helpful video. You're so generous sharing lots of constructive tips and ideas on your videos and on your website – I'm learning HEAPS from you. Thanks so much πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for this video, I'm always confusing which one to choose between prismacolor and polychromos, and I think I will start it with prismacolor first and then try polycromos next time πŸ™‚

  3. i believe in trial and error so i try it out myself first i only watch other artists cause they may give a good idea like why i always watch your shows even if i figure it out myself another artist can give you a new way of thinking you probably didn't think about

  4. in my art i actually use as many mediums as possible paint 3-4 different color pencil brands copic marker prisma marker all i can get it takes a while to figure out what blinds and what doesn't but i get to that realy dast usually in the same moment i try to use them

  5. This is such a help, thank you Lisa. I had the same problem, when I started watching your videos I wanted to start doing colored pencils so bad. I listened to all your tips & ideas. Well it wasn't that easy. Fries of all I draw with graphite or just a 2b pencil, next I paint with oils mostly, then acrylics. I've not done any of it (except drawing) for years & years. Doing cp was so different I easily got discouraged. So I started with acrylics, not bad there, but still a struggle. I just kept it up with class after class. It has helped so much. I did use the Prismacolors because of cost, but they are working fine for me right now. Still watching lots of cp videos & acrylic ones. Not watching any oil right now…learning more about unpainting . Like you've shown. Your tips have been so helpful. & now this video. It's great advice!, it has hit all the problems I've been going through..keep up all the wonderful tips & knowledge you share with us.

  6. Omg Lisa awesome video! I will share your video with many other that always ask me these question on my ig page jd_tech_art
    Than you Lisa!

  7. Very interesting, Lisa. Lot of points I hadn't considered. Thanks. Also I agree that Stonehenge sheets are different, even though Legion says they are the same.

  8. Do you feel most attracted to the medium with which you first experienced a major artistic success? I love pastel, acrylic, oil, graphite and more recently, encaustic, but my first and only true love is colored pencil. And you, Lisa, made me fall in love with CP all over (and over) again. Every time I watch one of your CP demos, my fingers itch for the Poly's and Prisma's. Great Q & A. So much solid advice packed into 10 minutes. All y'all need to subscribe to Lachri Fine Art.

  9. Such great advice Lisa! I really liked what you are saying here, about staying with one instructor at a time and learning just from that one artist for a certain period of time. Then once you have all that you need from that artist, learn from another and so on. This really will help people to avoid feeling overwhelmed and wondering who is right and who is wrong. The thing is coloured pencil is such a new medium that we all need to help one another discover new ways of doing things, to explore, experience and then share what we learn.

    As you have said so beautifully here; ultimately each person will make up their own mind about what techniques and products suit them the best. We all find the pencils, paper and techniques that work best for us. Thanks for sharing this.

  10. You are certainly prolific. I have just downloaded your entire YouTube collection to my computer. You now occupy over 35 Gigabytes on my hard drive. I'm looking forward to the learning experience.

  11. About half of the people who are learning colored pencil I doubt will have expensive colored pencils mentioned in the video, but it is helpful nonetheless.

  12. This is the best advice anyone can get! I'd love to get to use some luminance but I feel they're too expensive for my level of skill right now…
    I've seen some videos where the artist use Luminance and use the white pencil last to make some details (hair, whiskers or clothing fiber) and it seems like it goes over the dark colors so easily…Is this pencil that good? lol I can't do that with prismacolor…

  13. This is very timely and helpful as far as trying what works for someone else might not work with your style. i have been trying some of your multiple layers and blending techniques in my drawings, and while i can get them to work, i feel they make my style look too heavy. while i am not totally minimalist as far as color use, i find that lighter coverage works best for me. and hearing you say that in this video makes me feel OK as far as taking bits and pieces from many sources, and making them work. i got my degree in graphics in 1976, and recently found many black and white drawings that i had forgotten that i had done. just for the heck of it i started drawing again, 40 years later, and found out i still had the touch, but had never worked in color. thanks to your recommendations, i have chosen the ones that seem to work for me, which are the Polychromos, and occasionally the Prismacolors i purchased first. The only gripe i have about any of them, is there are not enough tan shades, which i need for the drawings i do of Fjord horses. Other than that, i love working in color.

    Thanks for all the tips and information!

  14. I've been working in color pencil for about 4 years, mainly Prismacolor pencils, and still not achieving the smoothness I wanted on the finished product. I have watched several artists explaining their technique of color pencil and blending to get a smooth look. None of them really worked. I had decided to try my alcohol blending solution (that I use on my alcohol ink paintings). The result was pretty good. After watching some of your videos and trying your method with the mineral spirits, I really like the finished product. I've tried many types of paper and haven't really found one I'm crazy about so I'm still researching that portion of my drawings. Thanks for your video teachings. I've learned so much from you! You're amazing.

  15. hi Lisa. I heard that the staedtler glasochrom white pencil is more opaque than the luminance white, is this true. thanks

  16. Lisa, you have been so incredibly helpful. Thank you. Your videos are great, and your work is absolutely beautiful.

  17. hi Lisa you mentioned an artist on the video Alan Wood, does he have a Web page or Instagram I can look at his work? πŸ™‚

  18. okay so I'm new to drawing and new to colored pencils. it does come pretty naturally to me, I'm creative. I do all kinds of other crafts. anyways how does one make skin looks so real with colored pencils? I can't afford faber Castell otherwise I would so I have prismacolor. hey they are better than crayola lol.

  19. Hi Lisa, i am a huge fan of yours from Ph. I discovered your videos just this September and i was wishing that i had discovered these earlier πŸ˜‚

  20. hello. I'm a begginer and i love to draw, i kept on practicing and will never give up, the only problem is i can't afford materials i only have 36 faber castell and an ordinary/cheap sketchbook, I can't blend my color pencil, please help me.and by the way i love your videos❀

  21. Hi Lisa, what are your thoughts on doing color swatching your color pencils? If you do that, how do you do yours: like 1 square or circle per color or 3 per color or 9 per color (3 squares light medium, heavy pressure, 3 for how the pencil reacts with solvent, and 3 for color w/ white? I have been doing swacthes but am trying to figure how to do it in a more organized way.

  22. Thank you so much for your videos. I work a lot in Graphite as well and to be honest… I have no idea what I'm doing πŸ™‚ . I really want to try working in colour so, I'm probably getting some polychromos for my birthday and I'm really excited! (I asked for those because of you!). So thank you for already giving me some base knowledge on how to approach working with polychromos.

  23. Is it okay to still use Strathmore drawing paper? I also have a drawing journal. I'm just hoping I can use the paper I already have. I've spent so much already, and probably made the rookie mistake of just getting all kinds of supplies without focusing on proper supplies for what is needed.

  24. I got a set of lyras and school facer castell i already have. I'm trying to appy what i've learnt. Watching too many videos feels intimidating. Thank u for the advice!

  25. What's bad is when you want to return to art in general, you learn advice for various mediums from various artists, and then you can't keep track of which "rules" apply to what and when, lol. Working from light to dark or dark to light I think is one I keep getting confused which medium tends to be which way.

  26. Wonderful advice!

    The same could be said for learning how to draw. There are so many classes out there that if you cram your head with too many methods in learning how to draw, you most likely will slow down your progress and understanding the information presented.

    So I agree! It's best to focus on way at a time. My biggest mistake was jumping from method to method without practicing for a good amount of time.

    To practice blending with pencil crayons I've been using a coloring book! It's a great starting point.

  27. I’ve found that layering a dark color on a lighter color with the Prismacolor doesn’t go smoothly- the darker color can look mottled, especially if the darker color is laid down in a heavy-handed manner.

  28. I've joined your Patreon and spent way too much time – LOL. The only difference is working with Polychromos, they just don't work for me as they get so shiny right away. I have all the Lyra and love them and get much better results. The Lyra and then the Holbein make life so much easier. By the way – taking about following one artist – I've turned down the volume for other artist and just stick with your tutorials on Patreon. Thanks for telling me about those tutorials – they're WONDERFUL.

  29. Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family…….Thank you for your skills and sharing them with us….

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