Nikon D7200 Hands-On Field Test


From the Nikon D70 forward, Nikon’s prosumer DX bodies have always been some of the most compelling mid-range bodies available. Will the new D7200 keep the streak alive? TCSTV’s Chris Niccolls takes a look.

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Shot by Levi Holwell

Edited by Jordan Drake
Shot on the Sony A7S


30 thoughts on “Nikon D7200 Hands-On Field Test”

  1. hi, after Nikon d3300 i want to by next one which should i buy Nikon d5500, d7200 or Canon 80d , 77d.
    help me……thanks

  2. I’m getting you are not a fan of the 7200, as an upgrade, saying that not everyone, myself included is upgrading from the 7100, my case it is from the 7000. That must be a viable upgrade as going FX is just too pricey…….

  3. still relevant. thanks for the effort and the sharing. btw-the sony a7s footage looks pretty good!

  4. Yeah you are right if you have a d7100 no need to upgrade to d7200 you should go for the Full Frame. .but if you are just starting in photography d7200 is a great camera than the nikond7100 just saying

  5. Not much improvements, and besides: black and white pictures on ISO beginning at 51 200 and maximum 102 400. That really sucks! No other camera on the market has this solution to hide color noise.

  6. Hey, I am planning to buy a camera for my personal use. I am just a beginner in regards to photography and camera's, please suggest should I go for Nikon D7100 or should I buy D7200 for myself? As per price point which one is good to buy now. Thanks

  7. you serious?? Whats wrong with 6 fps??? Cant believe your knocking the D7200 for that…Its really not too bad for most situtions….

  8. Since the d7200 it’s a DX camera… can I use FX lenses on it? Is it going to affect image quality? Or will images just be cropped? (Since is a cropped sensor) … please help!

  9. Pls help me to decide which one will be best

    50 mm prime or sigma 17 50 mm?
    Focus on portrait and family photography

  10. wtf… say it correctly! It's not PRO-cessor it's processor (proc·es·sor). Pretty bratty for a man that doesn't understand what he's talking about.

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