How To Cook Filet Mignon Perfectly

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38 thoughts on “How To Cook Filet Mignon Perfectly”

  1. I actually just ate a medium well filet last night at a dinner party. And it was so upsetting. It was the only meal they offered so they just cooked a bunch. I feel bad for that cook. He must have felt like shit ruining all those steaks

  2. My dad once had a filet minon steak that he got from work after 3 days and none of us knew it was there so my dad fed it to our dog

  3. Made this tonight for my wife's birthday dinner. I am a complete novice when it comes to cooking but monkey see monkey do. It turned out great. Thank you.

  4. Hate to say it but I followed the directions exactly and the medium rare came out medium well and I mean WELL. 2 minutes not 3 :/

  5. This recipe is NOT idiot proof :,( I managed to overcook it and undercook it at the same time and I’m pretty sure I have food poisoning now

  6. mine burst into flames about 2 mins in. had a cover my cast iron with a wok lid and rush it outside to manage it. do you think my glass top stove's high setting might be too high. I managed to save the steak, used tongs to rip it out of the fire to a other cast iron and finished it off in the oven.

  7. Ok lucy, lemme fix your video. You took the exact same way Gordon Ramsay cooks his steaks. Second I been cooking steak this way for years. Third, if you sear that steak and stick it in the oven WITHOUT FLIPPING that steak even for 3-4 mintues it will come out well done. You want medium rare? You flip the steak in the pan every minute for 5 minutes. Then at the 5 mintue mark TAKE IT OUT THE PAN and sit it on the cutting board for 5 more mintues. DONE. If you try this method in the video by putting it in the oven you will ruin your steak. There is NO NEED to stick it in the oven. ALSO do NOT USE canola, grapeseed or those oils. ONLY USE AVOCADO OIL. Those other oils are cancer causing once they hit the smoke point, avocado oil has a smoke point of 550 degrees F, meaning you will have next to NO SMOKE in your kitchen and NO CANCER CAUSING oils in your pan, plus it is cheaper. ALSO do NOT use a pre-seasoned LODGE. I stripped one of these and the residue came out GREEN instead of YELLOW. Green is industral oil coating on YOUR PAN that YOU ARE EATING. You need to completely strip that pan using easy off and then use the Jess Pryles process for seasoning a cast iron, trust me on this I have done well over 12+ cast iron Wagner wares from scratch and lodges and seen the strip off difference using LYE/Easy off. It took me 2 weeks to season them correctly. If you want to see how it is done go to this link: I cook literally the BEST STEAK you ever will have eaten in your life. I have cooked 1000s of steaks at varying ways, ovens, grills, pans, stainless, cast iron. pre season post season etc… Trust me on this. I did 10 coats of flaxseed oil on ALL my cast iron pans/pots/dutch ovens/griddles/pizza irons and it came out perfect EVERY SINGLE TIME. Sorry for the long post but this video has so many flaws that needed a correcting to it.

  8. slice it against the grain
    proceeds to cut it with the grain
    but you cant really cut it against the grain cause its already sliced like that

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