Increase Your Deadlift : How To Snatch Grip Deadlift

dead lift

Learn how to perform this awesome deadlift variation.

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33 thoughts on “Increase Your Deadlift : How To Snatch Grip Deadlift”

  1. Does anyone know an estimate on snatch deadlift carryover to conventional deadlift? I've heard ratios anywhere between 80%-90% of conventional, would factors come into play as well like stronger upper back advantageous in a snatch?

  2. Performed these for the first time today and it was amazing deadlift variation; however, my nut sack was getting squashed each rep….still worth it imo.

  3. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I like to load my hamstrings even more and start with my butt higher, as opposed to squatting down a little. It makes it even tougher, although I try to be more careful with keeping the weight more manageable for the lower back.

  4. No wonder I've been failing my deadlift, I grip too wide so my hands have a hard time holding on to the bar. It's been sooooo frustrating, but now I know the secret technique!

  5. good video, defenitly increased my technique, gonna chek more of your videos, think i can learn a lot more

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