Eco Six Pack Ring Launch, Beer Handling Alternative #E6PR


E6PR™ (Eco Six Pack Rings) are back to save the Ocean, with the official mass scale product launch.
The sustainable packaging startup brings their award-winning idea to life as the first mass-produced batch of eco-friendly six-pack rings hit store shelves in the coming weeks.


4 thoughts on “Eco Six Pack Ring Launch, Beer Handling Alternative #E6PR”

  1. What a great idea! This shows what we could actually do not only in terms of six pack rings but in terms of preventing littering in general. We have the means and brains to make the world better, yet we hardly do so. I wish you good luck with this project.

    Yet, I have one small criticism: Why not refrain from using cans and sell your beer in (re-usable) glass bottles in general?

  2. #E6PR is a great initiative to save the Marine wildlife.
    I also want to be a part of this initiative.
    Thats why I decided to buy Mumm Craft Beer Canning Machine which applies Photodegradable Six Pack rings on craft beer cans . These six pack rings will soon fall to pieces. Best of all, these pieces are non-toxic hydrocarbons. They can actually be good for the environment. Many people still cut up their plastic can holders so they can use the shreds as mulch for their gardens.

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