How to Get Stronger 101: Get Smarter with Your Programming


1. Supertraining, 6th Edition Mel C. Siff

2. Science and Practice of Strength Training, Second Edition by Vladimir Zatsiorsky

3. Practical Programming for Strength Training, 2nd edition by Mark Rippetoe

4. Weightlifting: Fitness for All Sports by Tamas Ajan




22 thoughts on “How to Get Stronger 101: Get Smarter with Your Programming”

  1. well the good old Trial and error will help you to "grab" separate knowledge  and utilize them together in being a better version of yourself and thus getting stronger 

    strong video as ALWAYS Omah. More videos of the 101 series is welcome! =)

  2. I think will get all four of these books on your recommendation. Thank you, looking forward to lots of cool things to learn

  3. I've had these for a while. They're the kind of books you need to read more than once, firstly because they're about some pretty deep shit, secondly because you'll end up forgetting and going back to a 6-day/week biceps err day routine

  4. I get that these books are influential but, isn't there any fresher material? Not that I can challenge the credibility of Omar or any of the authors. I'm just saying that science changes everyday and programming is a shouldn't there be some more information?

  5. "Sean also has Darwin's Origin of Species…"
    Implying that reading that book is a good thing and essentially that evolution is true…

  6. dude WHO the HELLLL is this ass pirate? he's a skinny little bitch. My god ANYONE can be a jerkoff youtube expert. even a little ass muncher like this jizz guzzler

  7. "…and Guns, Germs and Steel in his immediate collection."

    I thought I recognized that book… great read, if you don't mind non-fiction.

  8.  "…he runs a massively successful gym,"

    A question for Sean then:  Any tips for someone hoping to open up their own?

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