INTENSE CARDIO WORKOUT (Burn 100 calories in 5 min!!!)



Hey guys! A lot of you guys asked about cardio workouts so I made one! This WORKOUT will really KICK YOUR BUTT and its a great way to BURN CALORIES FAST! Let me know if you like it πŸ™‚



36 thoughts on “INTENSE CARDIO WORKOUT (Burn 100 calories in 5 min!!!)”

  1. Sadly this video is edited πŸ™ at 2:36 see the change in her hairstyle, if you are mentioning about 5 min workout at least shoot it in one go

  2. Hi gabriella this workout looks great can you plz share intense abs workout in 5 mins to burn 100 cal? That would be more appreciated.thank you!!

  3. why u doing exercise continuesly? it can be harmfull for other people.guys i suggest you to take rest minimum 10 sec ..pls guys dont do exercise contnsly.. aftr 1 exercise take 10-15 sec rest..then continue 2nd exercise….it will good for your health.

  4. I've been doing this 5 times today and honestly I feel so much better and lighter. I'm going to be trying this from now on.
    Also ty you are really inspirational <3

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