49 thoughts on “How To Prevent Hips From Shooting Up During Deadlift”

  1. Candito it would be helpful if you showed us a video of your instructions and indications! Thanks for the tips though! 

  2. This is my biggest problem on the deadlift. When i was lifting heavier (for me) someone pointed out that my hips went up too early and i was using too much back.

  3. This has hands down been the most helpful video for my deadlift. Filming yourself and analyzing it works really well. I haven't had to hitch the weight yet, but seeing my hips rise before the lift is a big wake up call. Sometimes you dont feel it happening while youre in the zone. Thanks Jonnie!

  4. Great video!! I needed to be reminded not to listen to people. Too many people told me my hips were too high and I wasn't using my hammies properly. I'm pulling less now cuz I listened to the noise.

  5. waw great video your so strong thats crazy because you look kinda skinny but you pack a punch thou keep it up son

  6. This is THE BEST DEADLIFTING VIDEO, fullstop. It makes much more sense to start from the pulling position rather than trying to pull from a low position where you simply can't.

  7. I think high hips are great for taller or longer armed people. I've actually just started doing low hip for leg drive. Im loving it and think it's a game changer for me. My limbs are not lanky but towards long and my torso is mid length as well as my legs at 5'11 225lbs and it's great for me.

  8. I thought my hips were too high according to Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength. I would try to put my hips in the perfect position, but then they would shoot up as soon as I start the lift. Now I'll just try pulling with higher hips.

    I think my legs are too weak though. Is it a problem if I dead lift more than I squat? I'm pretty sure I'm not getting proper leg drive in my dead lift. Maybe I'll adjust my form after I improve my squat.

  9. You helped alot here keep it tight and one movement not the herky jerky shit ive been hurting myself with… Back to the lab.

  10. Thank god I found this video again. Felt like my hips started shooting up again. Guess that fear of getting a bit more horizontal got to me. AND WE NEED YOU BACK CANDY TOE. WHERE ARE YOU?!

  11. This was the perfect advise for me. I was fighting to prevent my hips from shooting up, and this fix is perfectly simple! Wonderful

  12. Hey great video, I just have a quick question – in most of your deadlift videos even the serious weight videos I notice that you always start with your head up and your cervical spine in extension ? Would I be right in saying that this is not ideal and that a neutral spine position would have the eyes mostly facing at an angle to the floor ? Or does this really not matter too much ? Thanks again – great videos

  13. Thank you! Plateaued on deads for a long time, been watching channels telling me to do this and do that, but I feel THIS is what I'm doing wrong. The weight has started feeling heavier than usual for the past few weeks and I think I've slowly and unknowingly changed my form to start too low. I've even recorded my sets and one thing I noticed is my hips rise. Thanks again man.

  14. Bending at the hips as if you're about to do a stiff leg when you feel the stretch on the hamstrings bend your knees. I found this to be my sweet spot for hip position

  15. Hey Jonnie! Big fan btw. Is it possible for me to send a quick clip of me doing deadlifts and get some feedback from you?

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  17. My legs are longer than my arms so its really hard for me to stay tight with high hips and feel like im doing sldl

  18. hello, my deadlifts are good for the most part but i have a problem with overextending my lowback at the top of the lift (i’m trying to drive my glutes through but my low back ends up overextending instead). how do i fix this?

  19. Very helpful. I always thought it’s better to keep your hips lower to give legs more movement, but now I know higher hips is the way to go, thanks.

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