Teaching how to apply a knockdown stucco dash finish or texture

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Howdy ambitious guys and gals, mirror mirror on the wall who’s the bestest stucco guy of them all, O.K. not me but thanks for asking.
You may be trying to figure out how to match what appears to be an impossible stucco/plaster finish coat.
Heck, a Knockdown stucco dash finish or a plaster knock down dash finish does take some time in to learn how to apply, a person can use a hand hopper too to shoot on the dash stucco finish.
Either way, it’s time-consuming if you have windows and or doors as these need to be covered.

Its mainly time-consuming as it’s incredibly messy, after dashing many entire homes by hands, you will have to, believe me, it’s a very dirty procedure, all windows and doors, eves, decks sidewalks and even other neighbors homes must be covered as a dash can be thrown farther than one anticipates.

Kirk recommends, Just plaster it, whether it ends up good or bad it will be an adventure.

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39 thoughts on “Teaching how to apply a knockdown stucco dash finish or texture”

  1. Great Job on the texture. My old foreman did a full dash texture on his home when he bought it back in the 60's. He taught me alot about plastering. Even got a chance to do interior plaster on an old home. ( I believe it may have been diamond veneer or something similar )

  2. I also had a very important question. If you could please help me out. I too do a little bit of plastering. My close friend wants me to help me to the front of his home which is siding. When I did it in the past for a General construction company. We went over the basic T11 siding if it was in good shape. but my friend has the beveled siding that kind of sticks out and goes side to side over and laps each other. Was wondering if I can go just go over it with the proper black moisture paper and lathing or should it be romeved. My concern is the paper easily ripping because of the slight gap that is going to be underneath the black paper due to the beveled siding. I hope I explained myself properly enough fornyou to understand me. hope to hear from you soon kirk. I really have a love for the art of plaster. thanks 🙂

  3. Great video.
    I had been looking around on YouTube for DIY videos like your's and thank God I found you and know I'm a subscriber!
    I want to put an office in the basement. The walls are at least 10 inches thick, they were poured back in 1925 and in some places, there is chipping away due to the dryness.
    After watching many of your videos and I mean many, and learning from you, I think that I can get the walls to where I need them to be by taking my time and doing it a little bit at a time.
    I wasn't sure what texture I wanted until I saw this video and now I know. I want the knock down texture.
    I'm sure I'll make some mistakes and I know it's not easy to do, but this is what I want.
    Take care and thanks for all the videos that you do. They truly are a great help.

  4. got the information i needed less than a minute in but i stuck around for the entire video AND liked it AND subscribed. Funny and very informative. i just started working in construction 2 years ago so theres a lot i have to learn, ill be watching.

  5. Question: have a concrete interior basement wall that has been painted with interior latex paint. It's dry and in good shape. How do I prepare wall?

  6. Also… Have a section that intersects sheet rock wall that is one inch thicker. It's about 4×8 so putting some sheeting on the concrete wall to bring it out to match sheet rock would be perfect. Is there some sheeting for this that you would recommend? Then… Can I knockdown dash over the sheeting? Love your videos

  7. Thanks so much! Thanks to your videos my first plastering project is taking shape. Still practicing the twirling tools though! Keep it up.

  8. Loving the learning. Thanks! Question. I have a dry basement, newer construction, poured foundation walls. Have you seen basement walls NOT insulated and water proofed in built out basement rooms? Wondering if I can just Structilite the walls, put in a laminate floor and be done? Thoughts?

  9. Kirk been with you awhile. Just purchased a home at auction and realized it's stucco wasn't bulging. It's the red brick behind is bulging. You always have concise answers and need to know how to get back to the brick to reset it. I feel like I bought a disaster. Any links or suggestions dealing with deconstruction and shoring. I mentioned to you before , my plan was to use your techniques in Philly. But have to fix red brick first HELP PLEASE. Thanks you got style and love a union man like you

  10. I've noticed u have a bad back
    I'm the same got a glass back
    What's the best back brase u have used

  11. I'm so happy I ran across your videos!. They are very helpful background material for helping ensure that the stucco patches on my 1926 Detroit MI tudor style remain solid and not too unsightly for some years to come. Kudos!

  12. Thank you sr! I was looking for that little bit of confidence that i need to accomplish a room addition in the stucco part and i got it now.
    Really appreciate your guidance.

  13. Kirk master plaster I'm having a hard time finding 8 inch long dash brush. I want to buy one like you have in other dash vids. Also I can only find plastic or brown thistle tines. Thanks in advance. Live long and plaster.

  14. I just did some repairs. All I did was slab a bunch of cement, grabbed the same brush, but instead of flicking more cement onto the wall, I just jab the wall using the same brush to create the same texture. And it blended beautifully.

  15. This is my least favourite finish. Always looks rough & unfinished. But fantastic presentation and informational video Kirk, thanks for sharing. Oh, and your signature signoff below… " Live long and plaster"… That gave me a good chuckle… 🙂

  16. The man who built my house (he was the original owner) was a stucco contractor and he stuccoed the house. Your video help me understand and appreciate his artistry. I will never understand why the master barhroom’s toilet is open to the bedroom though. Now I have to watch videos on how to build an interior wall. 😀

  17. Kirk, thank you and Family. Never going to have enough money to do all of these jobs paying somebody. I usually write you when I am about to win at one of these projects and now is the time. Oh yeah. Thank you for giving me hope and my family a nicer place to live!

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