Running Meditation: A Meditation for jogging, runners – The power of now


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27 thoughts on “Running Meditation: A Meditation for jogging, runners – The power of now”

  1. Wow!! Here it is! It's truly amazing for our running folk. I'm using it for fast walking round town tomorrow. My asthma doesn't allow for classic running, but I'm not wasting this brilliant album for anything. Walk light, walk smart…"I can!"xxxxx

  2. is anyone else psyched to play this on their long runs? I've got a 10 mile this Saturday and def want to be playing this

  3. I´ve been waiting for this, thx.. 😉 I`l purchase the download…. Have a great day everyone

  4. Do we listen to this while running/exercising? Thank you for your content!!! Peace love and light

  5. Awesome, +Jason Stepherson! Your work is very very special, you know how to do it as a pro, it's art. The music choices, the technical quality of the recording, the voice tone, everything is so in harmony as always… You know how to make other people better. I'm both meditating and learning English with your videos (audios). I can't thank you enough. Peace! Namaste!

  6. love it, training for my 1st ultra, it s not just the running, it s life, it s everything, all rolled into one, it s powerful, sometimes can't find the words to describe the journey, it goes beyond that into something your feel inside and there is no words,

  7. This is great. If you could upload to Spotify I know I'd appreciate it. I find that keeping a video open during running is difficult for me for practical reasons, and it's only the audio that's important anyhow. Thanks!

  8. This is fantastic! Is there a way to purchase just the music tracks? I love this whole thing, but for long runs I'd love to have that background music in a playlist.

  9. Omg! this is the first time I have listened to this Meditation for runners and let me tell you, I really felt in touch with my body for the first time:-)) I felt like I was actually getting somewhere, and even ran past my turning point!! I felt like this is the first day of the rest of my life:-)) I had been listening to Runtastic tunes, and they are 90% breakup songs, I guess when people breakup, they dive into exercise lol This video made me feel as I am on a journey, and not just a hamster in a cage, running and getting no where!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!

  10. I am just getting back into the cardio game after a concussion in March. Would you consider making a walking video similar to this one? thanks 👌😃

  11. Hi Guys – thank you for your ongoing support of my channel. As each day passes, it has been more difficult for me to respond individually to all comments. I just want you to know that I do read your comments – even if I don’t respond. If you would like to join my awesome Facebook community, you can visit me here:
    Thank you again and sending love to you all.

  12. This is REALLY REALLY good!!! I never pushed myself this hard during a work out on the treadmill and was not bored, tired . I was focused…i kept saying to myself "POWER…POWER…" I feel so good❤❤👏🏽

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