Epic Fake $100 Honesty Experiment Prank

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Epic Fake $100 Honesty Social Experiment Prank! Having a little fun with a fake $100 bill in Las Vegas. $100 Honesty Social Experiment. Testing people’s honesty with a fake $100 bill in Las Vegas. Some may call this a “social experiment,” others may call it a “prank.” I call it a social experiment prank.

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40 thoughts on “Epic Fake $100 Honesty Experiment Prank”

  1. Strange how the United States is meant to be the richest country in the world, but they also have the most hostile greedy people in the world as well. Not to mention, all this personal debt that I never heard of before

  2. SHAME on those people. Get a nice job and dont just rely on dropped bill. You can rarely find honesth nowadays.

  3. how are the people greedy, like people getting mad over people lying and saying they are suppose to be ashamed and stuff when pranks are suppose to be fun, like nobody has lied before.

  4. They act serious when they find the money but when they find out it's only just a prank they think it's funny.

  5. when they think it's a real 100$ and they say they swear on everything it's theirs and they don't have anything

  6. Lol pinche Ruben, if I ever find a bill on the floor I ain't going to pick it up cus you might be playing

  7. To all those dumbasses who wear their pants down where your ass is hanging out. Why even wear pants? What's the point?

  8. 3:04 are u fucking seriously?why the fuck is dude walking around with his ass hanging out. Fucking gay ass shit. First ones to be talking about no-home shit but walk around with their ass out. Nasty

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