She’s A Famous Lesbian Kissing Prank?! – Public Pranks

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I went out to the beach with your guys’ comments and talked to girls, so hope you like it!


Hey guys my name is Ken, and today I said random youtube comments to people, hope you enjoyed this public prank. If you want to see me do more youtube comments leave your comment below and maybe i’ll use you in my next public trolling.

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26 thoughts on “She’s A Famous Lesbian Kissing Prank?! – Public Pranks”

  1. go up to a group of girls and say "i like to eat potatoes and stuff" then start doing the disco, do it until they laugh then you say "will you marry to me"

  2. wow ken this video was off the chain here is one since I am a song writer so sing this verse on your next vid:
    this is not a game cause I kno you feel the pain and I am here to make it rain cause I know you feel the same. sing it three times to some girls and see what happens

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