FitMenCook $ 75 Epic Meal Prep: Bodybuilding Budget / $ 75 Food Prep


Here is the link to FULL downloadable article with grocery list, recipes, ingredients and helpful shopping & storing tips! (For my followers who speak Spanish, I am developing a completely Spanish version to fit on my web page to or another way, I have already told you PRONTITO! Thank you for your patience.)


44 thoughts on “FitMenCook $ 75 Epic Meal Prep: Bodybuilding Budget / $ 75 Food Prep”

  1. Your link for the grocery list etc isn't working? I tried to find it on your website and it seems to be missing. Do you still have a link?

  2. I am not new to the fitness industry, but new to meal prep. After you make all these meals what time of day are suppose to eat your container? Like are these for lunch or what?

  3. 16.50 at a farmers market lol ya right. farmers Markets have some of THE most expensive produce.

  4. where do you get your ideas to cook these meals? Sometimes I go grocery shopping and don't even know what to cook and when I do it's so simple -_-

  5. Awesome Video, the casserole looks awesome.

    The link does not seem to be valid though, got a new one?

  6. Man I just made those turkey meatballs and it was the first “Indian” dish I’ve ever made. And it was awesome. Thanks for your recipes. Bought your app and use it all the time.

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