Sony RX100 V Hands-On Review


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Our first impressions of the Sony RX100 mark V. For more information, check out our full article on MirrorLessons:


24 thoughts on “Sony RX100 V Hands-On Review”

  1. What an piece of shit those RX100 getting more expensive with every generation and they don´t even build in a freakin TOUCHSCREEN in 2016…

  2. Does the continuous AF work whilst using HFR mode? Or does the focus "lock" as soon as you go into standby mode as with the previous model?

  3. I think the Sony RX100v is a great camera- even at £1000 over here in the UK. It's disappointing it doesn't come with a built in interval timer for time-lapse, like Canon's G7x, but this shouldn't be too much of a problem since Sony market an app for the RX100v through their Playmemories portal. But, oh dear, go to Twitter or Sony forums and you will find loads of frustrated Sony customers who are unable to purchase Sony products simply because Sony's portal has problems registering credit cards, and even with Paypal!

    The camera apps support is lumped in with Playstation – so finding information and networking with similarly affected interested people in forums is difficult.

    I've spent hours attempting to purchase this little £8.00 app, and when I cost my time it inflates the price of the camera way over the £1000.00 mark and with nothing to show for it. Sony support have, yet, to reply to e-mails, and I am left with a camera deficient in an essential vlogging facility.

    So far I am happy to purchase Sony for the build and technology . . . but not for the Apps portal or support 🙁

  4. For now i'll stay with my canon g7x mark II and my Canon eos 80D. i'll switch to 4k Sony camera when Sony will fix their overheating problem and their batteries life. When Sony will start to acknowledge customers feedback they might my be number one choice.

  5. I like the features of the rx100 V. It seems IQ and performance wise this is the best. The g7x mark ii does have the touchscreen…i like the touch AF on the canon to focus on any random object not necessarily in the center of the screen. If only I could combine the best features on the RX100 V with the touchscreen of the Canon G7x, it would make the perfect camera.

  6. Can somebody tell me please how does this work ? I mean, I understood the camera overheats after 5 minutes. Does it overheat only if you record 5 minutes continuously ? If I record, for example 1 or 2 minutes videos in 4K, will it ever overheat ? I am still debating between the A6300 and RX100 V. I rented the A6300 for a weekend and the quality was pretty good. Now I want to rent the RX100 V to see the quality. I am just worried bout the overheating. Thank you.


    I'm a Sony ILCE A7R2 shooter. I've been a Sony shooter for a long time (since the SLT models) and also a Sony customer in other areas (TV, DVD and so on). NEVER had I any problems
    with my Sony stuff. So far…

    In november 2016 my A7R2 presented with a focus problem. In lower apertures it was a little bit out of focus. So, dutily, I went to the Sony representative here in Portugal.
    After a few days, they said it would have to be sent to Spain, one of the TWO centers in Europe that could fix this camera. After a few days, they said that the problem was
    with my lens (I had to send my Zeiss 50mm 1.8 along with the camera, because they said they had no lenses to even test the camera!). It was impossible, because I have 5 FE lenses
    and a bunch of A-mount lenses and ALL worked perfectly with my other Sony FE camera (and also with a friend's too). Then… silence. For the last 40 days I haven't heard again
    from them. And I call EVERY DAY. Not even complaining directly to Sony Portugal did any good.

    So, Matt Granger was right! I thought it was a problem with Australia, but no, it's international. I'm not a professional, but that doesn't mean I should be without my camera for
    months in a row, especially for something so simple as a focus adjustment.

    My conclusion: DO NOT BUY ILCE CAMERAS. They are WONDERFUL cameras, but God forbide you ever need a Sony repair.

    And now I have more than 7.000 euros worth of equipement sitting in my shelf waiting for the good will of Sony to fix my camera.
    Man, how I wish I had not fallen to that and have heard Mr. Granger…

    Perhaps some internet reviewer could do a test and send a camera to Assistance WITHOUT disclosing they are professionals and see how long it takes in other countries to have it

    Hope it helps other people NOT to jump into the same lake I did.

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